A Necessity Arising From The Essence Of Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have an enormous work to do with explaining to the masses and preparing educators out of majority of the population. The people who are walking out into the streets today who have nothing to do or occupy themselves with still need to be provided for somehow. Otherwise they, hungry, will tear you apart. In any case, a need arises for a certain support. Yet, even if you offer them some kind of financial aid, you will create an army disposed against you.

So why don’t we proceed differently instead? Let’s use virtual networks, television, mass media, and various clubs to add to this everything that we’ve been talking about. Why not make integral upbringing mandatory so that after a few months people will begin to understand the kind of world they are living in?

Who should I protest against? This is an objective law of nature.

Are jobs disappearing? Well, they weren’t needed in the first place; we simply manufactured unnecessary goods.

We pumped all of the earth’s resources out of it, we polluted its surface, produced unnecessary toys, and then discarded them, poisoning the environment. Just look at what is happening with all the rivers—it’s impossible to drink the water. Look at what’s happening with the earth, at the amount of pesticides and chemicals in it.

Should we continue on like this? What for? We can reduce all this down to reasonable limits and instead give a person an occupation, the kind that nature has prepared for him.

We weren’t like this before, we didn’t manufacture large quantities of unnecessary things. The last, 20th century made us this way only so that we would realize the evil of our egoism and where it’s driving us towards. Right now we simply need to realize that we can’t continue like this any more, we are in a state of crisis.

Therefore the necessity, the demand, for integral education is starting to emerge from within, from the very essence of our development.

Comment: You are saying that we need to give up excesses, work less, and spend more time on upbringing….

Answer: This will happen automatically.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” #8, 12/14/11

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