Revive The Broken Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that the Creator loves man who breaks his heart in order to reach the “palace” of the King? Who breaks my heart and why? What does a person do at that time?

Answer: Of course, we are not talking about the heart as an “engine” working like a pump. The heart is our egoistic desire. All the egoistic desires are called the “heart.”

To “break” the heart means to attain that same point in which we were once as a single, unified picture of Malchut and then shattered into numerous parts. My feeling of detachment from all the others is called my “broken heart.”

That is the state we should attain. From then onward, a person begins his correction. How? The Creator is called “the healer of the broken hearted.” The Creator is the Light, the attribute of bestowal, uniting our hearts together, and they return to life. He revives them, and then these hearts become one vessel, one desire.
From the Lecture on Unity Day “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/2012

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