What Nature Holds In Store For Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Globalization 101): “The number of old people (over 60) is expected to grow from 600 million in 2000 to two billion in 2050. Eighty percent of this population will be living in developing countries. The number of ‘older old’ people (over 80) will be unprecedented in the developed world.

“While these stats are not new, the issue of global aging has been brought to the forefront because of the financial crisis. Cities across the U.S. are realizing that for some, within five years, retiree health care will cost more than employee healthcare and will consume nearly 1/3 of the cities’ budgets. Some US states want to declare bankruptcy to alleviate debt, including pensions. Europe’s rapidly aging populations may be the seed of a new financial crisis.”

My Comment: Crises will not recede until we assume the correct social form: a society of equal members, of reasonable economic consumption, consciously integral and globally interconnected, as required by nature.

Crises are a demonstration of our imbalance with global nature, and until we reach balance, we will not be able to avoid them; moreover, they will accelerate and become more severe to the extent of our development. We must stop being stubborn and face the truth—to understand the nature of crisis and the only method to overcome it.

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