You Must Invest Yourself In A Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I am very envious of my friends, how do I transform this envy from being destructive to constructive?

Answer: A person does not hear words about the spiritual vessel being a common vessel. “I will do something now and advance,” he thinks. Our egoism keeps convincing us that a spiritual goal can be attained the same way as a corporeal goal—individually and personally. This is only needed to give us the force of resistance, which drives man inside himself. The stronger the material drive, the more it will give later because the person has taken advantage of it. It is written: “One has swallowed an abundance and then expelled it.”

However, we must accelerate the time, and the only opportunity to do this is to resist the centripetal currents. Otherwise nothing will come out of it.

“It is not the smart one who learns.” The spiritual path is not intended for the sharp ones, but for those who invest themselves. This path consists of simple actions. It is the same way that a computer carries out very complicated calculations through a sequence of elementary operations.

There can be one advice for man: Cancel the mind and do the deed. Your small steps will make a pathway, which will lead you to the feeling of belonging. It is like a father becomes imbued with love for his newborn child as he takes care of him. Daily care rouses feelings. And this applies to everything: Your heart attaches where you invest yourself.

And this is why you need to close your eyes and invest all your energy into the group. This is the only way for you to feel like it is close to you, like it is yours—and then you will be able to build a common Kli (vessel) together with it. Your investment, switched from an egoistic account over to the group account—is your spiritual vessel.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/11, “The Arvut”

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