To Grow In Order To Get Closer

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are saying that in the case of a conflict you should first separate the rivals. But the hatred is growing worldwide. If everyone stays in his “corner,” how will people connect?

Answer: First the two rival parties should be separated so that there will be no quarrel. Fighting will certainly not help the connection. When people are hostile to each other, they can’t learn about mutuality, not even theoretically. Imagine that we are fighting passionately, not listening to one another, and meanwhile we first of all need to hear each other at least a little. So, we are separated, each one is placed in his “corner,” and we communicate from a distance.

Suppose we gradually get closer and we go through stage XI and XII. Here we have a problem. We have both drawn apart from our initial positions that can’t be bridged, and as a result we are in doubt and don’t know what to do. Usually we come to a dead end.

This phenomenon is well known to diplomats: The two parties get closer, more and more, but suddenly they are thrown backwards. Why? It’s because they have drawn too far from their starting point and have stretched the wires that connect them to the starting point too far. Behind them there are the people, their enemies, and their political rivals, and they all say: “Look how far they’ve gone! How can you make so many concessions?”

Eventually we are both unhappy with the new situation. Each of us remembers the principles he has given up and doesn’t see any point in any further concessions. It’s as if we say to each other: “It isn’t worth it. Imagine what they will do to us at home if we meet midway. They’ll kill us.”

So what should we do? There is only one way out: comprehensive upbringing. You won’t achieve anything until you educate everyone so that they advance towards connection together with you. In this case, when you get closer, you don’t get away from “your side,” but simply go through phases of development, just like me.  Even if we leave the negotiations aside, it won’t send us to different sides; on the contrary, we’ll stay in the same place we managed to reach by our mutual nearing. This is what we get through education.

But in order to reach that, we must first separate the two parties, to build an education system for each of them which suits them, and to draw the ties between these two different camps. Even if both sides are ready to negotiate, there are still the people on both sides and different social sectors. They don’t understand our reasoning, they are still in a different state, and so we can’t approach each other yet. They’ll set us free only for a certain distance, but not more than that.

If you are looking for true correction, you will be able to allow people to come down from the initial position and to advance towards an opposite one only with the help of education.

Question: All this does exist in mutual relations between states, companies, and even in the family. But does the first phase always require total detachment? For example, do the EU countries have to separate and only then look for a solution?

Answer: No. It’s because this case is a bit different: They are already untied, although not so successfully. If you already have a connection, you should be very careful not to break it. Otherwise, you will be going against nature. If the Europeans do that, things will be much worse. So they have to go forward towards integration as much as possible. There is no other way.

But in order to do that, they have to change their principles. After all, nothing is more separated, alienated, and divided than Europe. History has arranged for its people to hate one another very much. Only education can help here.

If the European leaders stall for time and start mass education, the situation will improve. People will immediately begin to develop on the level of consciousness and understanding of the world. But unfortunately, the Europeans don’t see or understand this option yet.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/2011, “The Freedom”

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  1. Is it our role to manage the politics of the world? I was hopeful that Kabbalah was a process of internal work of spiritual advancement. Through equivalence of form with the Creator we would spear head a movement that will attract people, not governments or political ideologies.

    As we the people reach agreement though the powerful pull of love and unity our power will become infectious to attracting and changing others, internally. We should lead the charge … working and focusing on the internal spiritual characteristics of bestowal and love. As MAN advances it will ultimately reveal itself externally in our governments and business relations of the world. But our creating more words and books and arguments and posturing … these are the problem not the solution. Let’s promote the spiritual state of unity we feel as we dance together at Congress gatherings. Unite around this sensation; this sensation alone will attract more and more people to our cause. As we touch anything in the polluted ego filled political systems that surround us we repel others not attract them. Let’s spread love … that’s what works, everything else is Klipot, shells. Please join us in the spiritual world, from this root level we will change the world … uniting ALL mankind from the spiritual level which is what all of us at BB share in common.

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