Comments On The Book, The Next 100 Years

Dr. Michael LaitmanI was asked to express my opinion on George Friedman’s book The Next 100 Years: A Forecast For The 21st Century.

My Comment: The book is written lightly, for a general audience. The entire book is based on the assumption that the world does not change and that nature has no program or goal to bring humanity to unity, by force or awareness. That is why it all comes down to “mechanical” thoughts about how to keep the US superiority in this predatory world.

It is impossible to argue with this because it is based on the author’s assumption that the world is ruled by the power of man. But if our world develops according to the laws of humanity’s similarity with the whole universe, at all its levels, then the law of social development will bring us to a society of mutual guarantee. This will happen in one of the two scenarios:

  • in disagreement with the need for human correction—through third and fourth world wars;
  • by realizing that there is no other alternative, and wars will solve nothing; that it is necessary to unite consciously so as to fulfill the law of nature in a good way and do it for our own wellbeing, quickly and without bloodshed.

This second method is proposed by Kabbalah.

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