How To Find Out Your Fate

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator brings us to the place where we can achieve the goal. All we need to do is perform a minor correction. It is as though I have this big car that is completely fine except for some tiny bolt. I just need to twist it one half-turn, and the engine will start, the car will start moving.

However, without this half-turn, nothing will happen. Maybe I just need to put in the safety lock into the electric chain, the spark igniter into the engine. That’s all that is required of me, nothing else! I don’t need to learn about the engine and the whole big car. I merely need to know precisely where to insert this spark igniter now.

The Creator brings me directly to that place and shows it to me. He attunes my feelings and mind precisely, illustrating to me how poorly I felt before and how well I will feel here. I sense all this inside me, in my desire.

And now, when I have the direction, I need to perform a choice. I can either just run away from a bad place to a good one, but this will not be according to my free choice; it will just be according to nature. Everyone, any animal or person, the smartest and the stupidest alike, would do the same and run away from a bad life toward a good life. After all, our matter is the desire to receive pleasure.

However, I must build my free choice above my nature. I need to rise above my sensation so that my movement will be for the sake of pleasing the Creator instead of acquiring a pleasant life. My freedom of will consists only in this point, in this work. I need to permeate within this point as deeply as possible and not let anything distract me so that as a result, I will clarify what my fate really means.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/2011, “Introduction to TES

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