Don’t Be Afraid To Take The Next Step

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom our life and from lessons of Kabbalists, we learn that there is no other force in the world except for the Creator ruling everything. The difference between us and the Creator is huge. He is absolutely opposite to us.

We fully consist of the desire to receive for ourselves, to enjoy and attract everything possible to ourselves—this is our nature. He, to the contrary, is a desire to bestow, to please others—this is His nature. And the purpose of creation established by Him is to bring us to His state—the highest eternal state of perfection.

The relationship between a person and the Creator is like that between an infant and a parent. If a parent wants to teach a child to walk, he shows the child how to do that: He puts the child on the floor, supports him to stand strongly on his feet, and then lets him go. A child stands in the middle of the room—he can stand, but he can’t walk yet! So he cries and doesn’t know what to do.

He gets confused and frightened that everyone left him. And he doesn’t understand that he was left alone to make a step forward! Regardless of everything, we have to do that in such way, because the child wouldn’t learn to walk without that.

And he takes one step forward—and we catch him right away. Just make one step! He almost falls forward, but before he falls, we catch him, put him on his feet and let go. And he wobbles again and doesn’t know what to do, but there is no other way—either he falls in the same spot or takes a step almost falling forward and we catch him again. Thus time after time, he learns to take steps on his own, holding onto something at first, and walking little by little afterwards.

Our world is a snapshot of the spiritual world. It is made inside of our egoism, but all the actions reflect the actions in the spiritual world, but in a reversed form. Thus through this example, we can realize what happens to us in this life and in what ways the upper force which stands in front of us all the time, teaches us to move forward to overcome the distance separating us from the Creator.

On one hand, the distance is huge. And every time we feel as an infant who doesn’t understand what’s going on and why this happened to him—where is his support and why he was left alone. Why after a good state comes such a bad state?

But if we perceive the Creator’s behavior in the right way and know how to use Him properly, we accept these not very pleasant states with love and happiness realizing that we grow through to them.
From Lesson 4, The World Arvut Convention 12/7/11

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  1. Aleph is the simultaneous closeness and distance to the creator. The alpha and omega concept. We are like infants to the next state, but as champions to the previous. Take heart, do not despair, or become manic.

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