Introductory Lecture “Education According To The Kabbalah” – 12.27.11

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “Education According to the Kabbalah”
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The Integral Upbringing: Virtual Or Physical?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the best way to teach people: virtually or in actual physical courses?

Answer: I think that education can be virtual, but it must include exams. This will oblige every member of society to learn.

Just like people used to go to work in order to earn a salary, now a person will have to spend a certain amount of time in our educational system. And he cannot think lightly of it. He must actually go over each lesson, answer questions, and send his comments, taking an active part in this process. At the end of the course, he will have to take a face-to-face exam so that he can show what he has learned.

Every student should be supervised because the success of the integral society depends on each of us. Here we see another interesting trait of this system: Because it is integral, each member has the exact same weight as the others.

After virtual studying and actual exams, people should form groups in which they will have to do some practical work. It should be done in neighborhoods, schools, in the daytime or in the evening, in different community centers, on TV shows, virtually, and so on.

Musical compositions, plays, and literature should be dedicated to this idea and present it from different perspectives.

Question: Who this program is intended for?

Answer: It is meant for the most ordinary people. It’s not for the intellectuals who find it hard to part with their beliefs, even thought they don’t understand this social order at all.

As far as I know, it is the most ordinary audience, people with a college education at most, but not more than that. It’s for ordinary people, the middle class. We are not that interested in others because the middle class is the basis of any society. Currently, specifically these people fall victim to all that’s taking place.
Talk on Integral Education 12/11/11

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A Course On Harmonious Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today we already have a request from state and public organizations for a course of integral upbringing for adults. How do you envision the structure of this course? What should we educate people about so that they would learn how to live harmoniously, in concord with each other?

Answer: I think that it shouldn’t be just one course, but a collection of various disciplines. People should acquire primary knowledge, discuss it in a group, whether in a classroom or virtually, but with an instructor, that is, a specialist who can explain the material in an understandable way.

First and foremost, one should study human psychology on a basic, fundamental level, where each of us could understand: Who am I; what am I; how do I think, act, and interact with others. It is necessary to explain the psychology of interactions between spouses, between parents and children, the correct way to relate to children, children’s upbringing, and home economics on the basis of the requirements put forth by nature: How much we consume, how much we give back. In other words, we must put ourselves in a framework that will allow us to exist in a state of balance.

Naturally, each of us needs a place to live, a family, security, healthcare, food, and so on. All these are basic needs of every human being, and one should feel sure that they will be met, provided that he satisfies all the requirements of society.

All the other requirements depend on the person’s position: He either works in production or is engaged in social work, studies or, perhaps teaches others. People will practically work about two or three hours a day. Some may work more, some less, but that won’t determine how much they earn.

The remaining mass of people will be engaged only in creating a homeostasis, an equilibrium for the entire system of human activity on our planet. This is when we will see a different society.

All of this needs to be explained, broken down by discipline. We need to explain the full history of humanity as a consequence of development of our egoism, which brought us today to a state of such complete satiation that we don’t wish to develop any further.

We no longer desire anything in life. We come to depression, drugs, and terrorism, in other words, to the final stage: the rebirth of our egoism. Today we no longer wish to strive towards anything, but on the contrary, we plunge downwards, into alcoholism, and degradation because we don’t see any prospects in future growth. Our egoism, having arrived today at its maximum level of development, is starting to finalize itself and acquire an integral form, but we are not ready for that.

This is why we don’t understand what to do from now on, why we cannot organize the earth’s resources, communication networks, and, in general, the entire development. A new common paradigm, a new attitude towards life, should give a person an opportunity to correct the crisis in all realms of life: family, society, ecology, economics, and so on.

After a general education course, we need to introduce a course on integral upbringing. A course on upbringing entails group lessons, where people literally work through all possible elements of communication through discussions and all kinds of role-playing games.

They work through them like any actor who has a few hundred techniques in stock from which he then compiles a role, an image of a certain person. This is how we must educate a person about the laws of behavior in an integral world. And it won’t seem artificial to him because we will teach him about the correct interaction with others from which he would suddenly feel some higher sensation of tranquility, peace, and fulfillment.

His inner void, which he previously fulfilled at the expense of economic achievements in capitalist competitions, will start to become filled from a completely different direction, according to a different scheme. It will be filled in such a way that he will feel himself safe and secure. Nobody will enter in any confrontations with him.

We must include a large number of groups in this part of the course. I think that it will be a very serious, exciting action in which parents with children, spouses, and entire neighborhoods can participate.

Here we will start to form a new type of social interactions, a new view of life and the world, within which a person will begin to sense the globality of nature, its integrality and inner harmony. This inner harmony is essentially where our inner demand lies. This is what we want to experience in our life and what we are attempting to achieve in our useless competition with each other.
Talk on Integral Education 12/11/11

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The Key To Healthy People, Family, And Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose we organize a course on integral education for adults. What results can they get upon completing the course?

Answer: We should understand that from now on, nature offers us only two paths of development leading to one goal. The ultimate goal of nature is complete unity of all its parts, including humanity as a part of general nature.

We can reach this state of harmony, equilibrium, and homeostasis in two ways. One of them is the path of suffering, the realization of this necessity in spite of our desires and inner impulses. This path is very difficult, complex, and forced.

In principle, nature developed us in this way all the time. This is the process of evolution, when we are pushed from behind and thus look for comfort. It turns out that we seek a better life by being pushed from behind, make plenty of mistakes, but eventually develop. This is how man, small societies, as well as humanity as a whole developed in the past.

But there is a possibility of development with dignity, when a person is aware beforehand that all nature is moving towards integrality. Now, the first signs of this future integrality become apparent, obliging us to exist in it as part of society, nature, and the universe.

Nature strives for balance because it is the key to its health, safety, and sustainability both in every part of it (for example, in our body) and the whole system.

Let us take this future state as a common goal of all humanity and begin to approach it, at least in different regions of the world, through various international organizations, beliefs, and, most importantly, through education. Education shouldn’t be obtrusive; we should simply tell people about the laws of nature, the laws of the development of human society: behavior, education, family relationships, and child upbringing. We teach people how to live on a fairly modest salary, allowance, or scholarship.

But all this must be taught to people. They do not know how to raise children and how to get along with each other. We see that humanity teaches something completely different: It does not teach or educate its offspring, the future generation, so that it lives well.

We do not think about how to make people happy. We push them into the abyss of capitalist competition, in which they are willing “to eat each other” gladly. But there are no winners in this contest, and in the end, we condemn them to constant stress and problems. As a result, no one sees happiness.

It is essential that psychologists, sociologists, parents, teachers, and people who already understand the problem or can understand it come to a more or less correct conclusion, and with the help of scientists, the public, and the Internet (today it is a considerable force) will be able to show all humanity that this integral education is the key to the healthy society, man, and family. We simply will not survive without it; we will advance with huge losses. Of course, we will achieve the same goal, but it will be a terrible path.
Talk on Integral Education 12/11/11

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The Screen Is A Calculation For The Work With The Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the screen composed of and how it is able to keep the Light from neutralizing the desire?

Answer: The screen is not the desire, but the force of resistance. The screen is felt as a calculation for the work on the desire.

How can I rise above the desire if I am in it? I get a special force from the outside (from the environment or from the Light, that is, from some external factor), which allows me to become detached from my desire.

And then I don’t sink within my desire and nor do I identify with it. I am not under its control, when I think only of how to fulfill it, similar to a slave who receives orders from his master and runs out to search for how to attain what his master has demanded. I receive a different kind of force from Above, a different calculation, which happens either by way of great suffering or through intellectual enlightenment.

Before this, I only worried about my desire and wanted to fulfill it, that is, I was a big egoist. This big egoist doesn’t exist any more within its small desire. He is detached from it and from the side examines how it is possible to fulfill it more and more.

But by separating from from egoism for the sake of greater fulfillment, I begin to perform a calculation outside of my ego. A kind of split is created between my ego and myself in making decisions: The mind and my desire are as if split. And then I begin to understand that the desire always enslaves the mind and turns me into its slave.

Many people in the world experience this, for example alcoholics or drug addicts. If something causes obvious damage, a person understands that he has become a slave of his desire, of the vicious habit.

But if I look at my desire from the side (and of course a big and developed ego is required here: both the mind and desire), I begin to be sorry that I constantly obey it. I would like some relief from it, and here the development of man begins.

I begin to reflect if it is at all possible to somehow change my desires, to limit some of them and to increase the others? This is possible via the environment. If the shattering had not occurred and the environment had not emerged, we wouldn’t have any chance to exit our desires. But since I am connected to the environment that awakens me and provides me different values, as a result of this, I gradually change.

I compare them with my values and see that I am interested only in good food, and if the environment talks about music, theatre, and opera, I start feeling ashamed and begin to make calculations that distance me from my desire. At least I begin to criticize it, and thus a problem is created: I am not satisfied with myself any longer, and I am compelled to change to fit the environment.

Thus the influence of the environment brings us to such calculation when we are prepared to completely change—only so that others will respect us. But for now I act purely egoistically, without any screen. For the meantime, it is the egoistic screen. I want to be thin and pretty, thus I limit my food intake. Although this is also not easy, people do it anyway. Everything depends on what is more important to me and what gives me the greatest pleasure: how I look externally or food.

Everything depends on my calculation, when with the help of the environment I can increase the importance of one thing over another. Thus whoever is interested in losing weight or in being rehabilitated from a harmful habit must be included into a suitable society that values life without that habit.

But if you want to acquire the anti-egoistic screen, it is something else. For that you need an environment that makes you feel the importance of bestowal. It should hurt you that you are not able to bestow. You will feel that you are belittled because of it, that you aren’t worth anything and are wasting your life, and that in general, there is no reason to live if you don’t attain the attribute of bestowal.

The influence of the environment needs to be very strong, up to the point where you feel that you would rather die than live like this. And then you will begin to demand, to request, to pray, to perform all kinds of calculations and actions in order to acquire the screen. And when you see that there is no way to attain it, you will begin to ask for the Light that reforms. This is what will bring you to the recognition of evil.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/2011, TES

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Focus In Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanHere is an inner exercise: We are far from each other in our qualities and thoughts—foreign and different ones; we are separated by everyone’s individual egoism. There are so many of us, and we differ so much from each other in order to reveal the Creator through our connection.

Our differences, distance, and rejection show the distance to the Creator. I see how far I am from the people who study with me, who are my closest people in the world in spirit, purpose, aspiration, and understanding of life. And we are still so far from each other. I am even more distant from all the other people in the world. If I test myself in relation to every person, then this entire cumulative difference will be the distance between me and the Creator.

Now the meaning of the group becomes clearer. This is why we unite between us: We want to be able to achieve some kind of correspondence at least between us and become closer to each other, which means to be closer to the Creator. We aspire to at least overcome the difference between us. We push our egoism away, rise above it, and wish to connect only with our higher thoughts and desires, to become closer to the Creator in one form or another.

This way we begin the journey. And then we will see that there are no people here, there are no individual souls, there is nothing—only a blurry vision, which causes me to see people instead of the Creator. It is as if I am not able to focus; everything is blurry, and instead of one person, I see two, three, or four. And now I see billions of bodies before me. But if I manage to combine them all, I’ll get the Creator.

This is what I need the group for: to start this process one way or another. All our unity exercises must be directed towards the revelation of the Creator! After all, they are a means for revealing Him. There is no meaning in a group on its own, but only from the point of view expressed as: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.”

Baal HaSulam writes that there was a horrible crime done in the socialist Russia in starting to build an altruistic society and having completely deformed the principle of being one man with one heart, one desire, one purpose. Everyone was together; fair distribution, mutual guarantee, everything was wonderful, except for one thing: They have turned a means for attaining the goal into their goal. And this made them lose big time.

It is the same as focusing and combining blurry images in order to see them themselves, and not what stands behind them. And I will naturally miss because my focus is not on the image concealed behind these illusions, but on the illusions. And this is why Russia has failed.

We cannot allow for this to happen to us, and this is why there must always be three components present: I, the group (the place and the means for revelation), and the Creator, that is, the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.
From Lesson 2 at Arava Convention 10/28/2011

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.27.11

Writings of Rabash What Are the Powers Which Are Needed for Work,” (Start with: “And, from what was said”)
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