The Question About The The Devil And Quran

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Out of all the material published by you and Anthony Kosinec, it was  easy for me to synchronize all your teachings with the Holy Quran. This made it clear for me that both the Torah and the Quran came from the same source. However, I don’t see you talking at all about the devil or how he can affect our desires. Could you please explain from your teachings where you can position him or his effects? (Saudi Arabia)

Answer: All positive (giving) and negative (egoistic) forces exist only in a person himself. There is nothing outside a person but the concealed correcting force (the Light, the Creator), which manifests to the extent of our aspiration to become similar to it in our relations.

That is why “love thy neighbor as yourself” is the general rule of the Torah (the method of correction). There is no doubt that the Holy Quran is also a consequence of the same laws of nature (the Creator) that the Torah (Kabbalah) speaks of.

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  1. Thank You Dr. Laitman for respecting other religions and their books !! Only with such a respect to all types of Friends, WE are heading to achieve a great Unity. ARVUT !

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