There Is No Turning Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe laws of nature are irreversible. We’re unable to add anything artificially because the conditions within our society’s political, industrial, familial, and social systems force us to come to a mutual and integral interdependence. We will be forced to do this regardless of whether we’re rich or a regular worker, a jobless person, a student, or an elderly person.

Nature is locking us into a single general system and forces each person, in accordance with his status, qualities, and interrelations with the society to gradually transform. We can’t remain in our previous state.

Do you see what’s happening in the world today? Could anyone imagine that Germany would give Greece 500 billion dollars and then pardon the debt? Can you imagine Germans giving 500 billion to Greece? There is also Italy and Spain on the line. No one knows how this will end. However, people aren’t out on the streets protesting, they’re not trying to overthrow the government, and they’re not demanding their money back.

Imagine that we have 500 billion in the bank saved up by all of the country’s workers. This is the government’s fortune, and instead of putting this money into realizing the country’s needs, we give it to someone who we don’t even wish to know.

Why doesn’t this result in a civil war? I know Germany, I’ve been there and I’ve talked to the German people. People aren’t particularly happy with the situation, but no one is really opposing it. This is because people understand that for the politicians and the economists having to come to this decision was a lot more painful than for the rest of the people.

They are “sitting” on this money, and with its help they rule over the people and the nation. But if they’ve decided to part with this money, then things must really be bad. We are really that interconnected that I have to give to other countries and pardon the debt, just as I would give to my own nation. They realize the depth of the interconnection and see that the law of nature connects everyone and that this tie cannot be undone.

This is an inner tragedy for those who had to make this decision because parting with 500 billion dollars isn’t easy. Just imagine what your family would say if you took all of your possessions and money from the bank and gave it away?

What we are talking about here is a sense of total connection and necessity. The politicians see no other way out. We, the “small people,” don’t see it, but they do. This is why the biggest tycoons and billionaires will part with their money just as these politicians did, otherwise they won’t be able to exist. They will understand the necessity of this action. Totally paradoxical things are happening right before our eyes, we simply don’t realize it yet.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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