Pay Attention And Repeat After Me!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen I rise above my egoism and begin caring about others, I don’t erase my previous desire to receive, nor do I rid myself of it and move blindly to the desire to bestow and start to enjoy bestowal like a joyful mother feeding her baby. If a mother treated someone else’s baby like hers and showed the same love (though this is not natural), then she would acquire another nature: the desire to bestow above her desire to receive. In the difference between these two levels, we discover the depth of our vessel (desire) and its four phases by which we attain creation.

This is how our “formal education” develops, and we have to arrange ourselves to await the arrival of new forms of bestowal. No matter how unexpected and surprising, they should arrive as soon as possible. The readiness to accept these new forms comes only on condition that a person practices it in a group.

The group is controlled from Above, and if we put ourselves into its hands, it properly prepares us to accept all forms of bestowal from the Light that Reforms. Our task is to prepare ourselves and enable the upper Light to do its job. In this we are its partners. On one hand, everything here depends on us because without preparation the Light will not operate as it is at complete rest. Our preparation provides us with the ability to sense the influence of the Light.

But in actuality, we only discover our vessel and reveal the Light, previously hidden, in a new form. This means that we prepare the forms, but they are realized and felt by us in the measure that they are similar to the upper Light.

There are “613” different Lights in the upper Light, as well as all the rungs and the entire plan of creation from the beginning to the end. The vessel develops from the point of “absence,” going all the way: first down and then back again from below upwards. At a certain point of development, when the created being realizes itself, it becomes the Creator’s partner in creating the forms resembling the Light.

All our spiritual education is a formal education, learning forms within forms. The desire searches for its forms that resemble the Light, and if it finds them, it reaches adhesion with the Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/2011, Writings of Rabash

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