Drunk With The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur entire work consists of attaining similarity with the qualities of the Light. In relation to us, the Light divides into 613 Lights (Taryag) and builds 613 desires in us. However, in the end, it is one desire and the Light.

Our work consists of lending the will to enjoy the same form as the Light’s desire to bestow. Naturally, we cannot turn the desire to receive pleasure into the desire to bestow. First of all, the desire to receive pleasure stays, but we reveal its form: We distinguish the desire to receive pleasure from water, bread, and so forth. All these things are forms where it wishes to receive fulfillment.

For example, the fulfillment experienced in a certain form of desire is called “bread.” The fulfillment experienced in another form of desire is called “water.” The fulfillment experienced in other forms of desire are called “meat,” “fish,” “sweets,” “sour,” “bitter,” and so on. Everything depends on the forms of the desire to receive pleasure. It is the same with everything, even technology, frequencies, and light spectrums. All these things are forms of the desire to receive pleasure. Material is desire, and everything is determined by the form it assumes.

We must give proper forms to our desire to receive pleasure. This does not mean that it would be more proper to desire “meat” when I desire “bread.” The proper form is the way I wish to receive the fulfillment called “bread,” “meat,” and so on. It is the way I distinguish that it’s still forbidden for me to use these desires due to a variety of reasons since I will not be able to bestow in this form and be similar to the Light.

There are two components here. The first is the desire to receive pleasure, which assumes a certain form because otherwise, it is no more than shapeless material, as it is written: “Everything comes from the dust.” This dust must assume a certain form because it has no taste on its own. And I must taste the flavor in the desire to receive pleasure. My pleasure depends on the greatness of the desire and the variety of forms in which it can receive pleasure, such as food, sex, family, money, respect, power, and knowledge, according to the scale of values accepted in our world.

Moreover, there is an additional, special form that robes into this matter: the intention either “in order to receive” or “in order to bestow.” This is referred to as the Creator’s work. In this form, there is a difference between the creature and the Creator.

Not every person can detect this inner difference. As a rule, people only distinguish the regular form that their desire to receive pleasure assumes: what and how much they want in comparison to others. Their entire analysis ends there. In other words, they do not speak of the quality of the desire in relation to the Creator.

In order to have a spiritual, vivid perception with respect to the Creator, man must have another special element in his desire, where he will distinguish whether it is close or far from bestowal, closer to truth or falsehood. This element awakens in him in the form of the so called point in the heart and does not allow him to simply agree with the forms that are only convenient for the desire to receive pleasure.

He must develop his own attitude toward the Light that shines at him from afar in such a way that he neither knows it nor understands it. However, this Light awakens the need in man to attain similarity in qualities with it.

Then, a person gradually rises above his desire to receive pleasure in all its different forms and begins to care about the intention in which he exists, whether it is for the sake of reception or bestowal, and he tests himself in relation to this form. The Light keeps awakening him and brings him to the group, through which it influences him. In other words, the Light affects him through the desires (Kelim).

In the end, a person finds himself in such an uncomfortable, bad state that he either tries and escapes the influence of the Light that Reforms, the Surrounding Light, refusing to accept new forms since it always happens under pressure, as if he were being molded like clay;  or he understands and agrees that he must accept the new form out of hopelessness, as a result of studies and the influence of the group.

Then, he works in the group, demanding new forms for his desire from the Light. At first, he expects the Light to bring him good things, wishing to derive from the new forms of Light some benefit for his substance, the desire to receive pleasure. This is called “bestowal for the sake of reception.”

Gradually, through a desperate desire to achieve what he wants and the influence of the Surrounding Light that affects him through the group, he reaches a state where he no longer cares about any conditions. This is called working without conditions when the only thing that matters to him is to accept the form of Light, the forms of bestowal.

He is not able to understand precisely what is happening to him and why he is experiencing these states, but the nature of forms that go through him makes him agree and begin to wish for this to happen. He begins to receive power above his reason, as if he were drunk with the Light. He truly wishes to accept new forms and most importantly, to know that advancement toward the Light is guaranteed for him. He guarantees it himself by participating in the group.

When he prepares correctly, being in a group, trying to cancel himself before it, and accepting the Light that Reforms through this common vessel without any conditions, but only wishing to cancel himself so that the Light would influence him, then the two kinds of efforts that he makes during the study and work in the group bring him success.

Otherwise, he finds himself in a state about which it is written: “A fool sits with folded hands and eats his own flesh.” He can “devour” himself for a decade without advancing.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/2011, The Zohar

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