Write A Letter On Your Own Heart

Dr. Michael Laitman with studentsIf we wish each other happy New Year and the “inscription in the book of life,” our words contain the upper force. After all, we are connected to each other by mutual preparation, by the correct recording, whereby we described all of our properties on the white background.

The white background we write on is that same mutual guarantee that we can picture as “whiteness” of the group against which I scrutinize my desires, attributes, and see how opposite they are to the group, how unfit they are for unity with it. Nevertheless, I complete this writing and I don’t surrender. I continue, more and more, to scrutinize the contradictions.

This work the month before the new year is conditioned by the principle of “a person aspiring to the Creator (Israel), the Light that Reforms (the Torah), and the upper force (the Creator) are one.” Israel is the one who wants to unite with others. The Torah is the Light that reforms the evil inclination revealed only in work with the group. Only in the group do we discover our evil inclination, as the black on the white, if I picture the group as completely “white,” corrected. And if we want to reach this general whiteness, to discover the Creator within our connection, He is revealed, and we receive His “signature.”

We write all of these “records” on our own hearts, each on his or her own. Man’s heart is a total of “613” desires that are uncorrected for the time being; it is the evil, corrupted, and broken heart. It is this heart that we long to correct. And its correction is made by connecting our hearts together.

In the future state, all of our hearts and all of our thoughts will be connected in such a way that the mind and heart will merge into one, and all of us will be as one. From within the hope to reach this state, each one of us writes his letter….

And if we write it that way, we don’t just write a letter. We write the book of Torah on our hearts. This is because essentially, the entire Torah tells us about the revelation of evil in us and the corrections that we then receive from Above, from the upper “whiteness.” This is why we differentiate the black from the white so that we could write with the former on the latter. But we also need to examine the properties of the the white itself, of the Surrounding Light. And for us, learning to “write” is only the preparation for the Surrounding Light to come and illuminate us within.

Thus, the black remains black and the white remains white. They are the foundations of our structure. But we already include both within us and delve deeper within, into the so-called “secrets of the Torah,” the place where both the black and the white merge into a single whole. But it is not possible to express this adhesion in writing.

In written language, we do not indicate Taamim (tastes), Nekudot (vowels, dots accompanying the letters), and Tagin (crowns above the letters), the exact form or writing. This is because a person must attain them by way of inner work and then add them to the letters.

We can thus summarize: We discover our blackness in relation to the group when we picture it being in the final, complete, “white” state. And when we finish this work, we feel that we really have reached a state when the Creator needs to complete it, “to sign” on it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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