The Real Work Is Only Just Beginning

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, the people in Israel agree with the idea of mutual guarantee. It is as if we are convincing those who are already convinced. What concrete steps can we offer them?

Answer: First of all, we need to include them in the network of dissemination. The message passes on better via contacts and talks between people, rather than through the Internet. Besides this, we need to create various virtual games and formats leading to unity so that they make a strong impression on a person, similar to films and video clips. Finally, invite people to the conventions and festivals for an evening or for a few days.

As for the Internet, it presents tons of opportunities such as games (adults love them as much as children) and theatrical plays. The entire culture must cross over to that path. Even simple theatrical skits that visually illustrate our messages and give the right examples are very important.

We should diversify the explanations and vary their depth relative to what a person can absorb. For example, at first, he will watch a movie revealing the concepts in general. Then, an historian will tell him how things used to be earlier and how we arrived at where we are now. Then, a psychologist will make it personal, and so on.

A person is brought up by their environment that affects our senses differently. A big role is played by films, plays, and texts. All of these are factors of inactive perception, while games are an active format. Today, everyone plays with the help of joysticks, gadgets, add-ons, and touch screens, and the games are becoming ever more interactive.

Pretty soon, the world will be unemployed, and a lot of opportunities will arise for working with people. The integral upbringing will turn into an entire industry, which will involve cultural events, game formats, and everything necessary to engulf people, creating a general atmosphere which no one will want to leave.

Today, a person does not have the time to rest, and that is why we are working through the Internet. However, in six months to a year, there will be a lot of unemployed. It will give rise to problems, worries, and unrest, until it will become clear that there is no way back, and it is time to renounce the paradigm of the past. Then, the necessary work will be divided among the people so that it takes half of a day, three to four hours at most, and the rest of the time will be dedicated to education about how we unite with nature.

Part of our time will be utilized for material work and part for spiritual work, for correction. This is not leisure or entertainment at all, but rather real work compulsory for everyone. A person will not be able to provide for himself without fulfilling this condition. He will be studying in the full meaning of this word: He will take exams and move from grade to grade. We are not only talking about an educational program, but about the program of creation. It is impossible to absent oneself from it.

We depend on each other, and that is why I cannot allow anyone to be left aside. People will have to realize it to the full extent. They will be spending four to five hours a day doing the most important work in their lives, and these hours will lighten up the rest of the day. Besides this, while returning home, a person will receive the same message on the TV, radio, Internet, and mass media. They will be talking only about correction everywhere.

This is the only way. We are destined to ascend to Infinity, toward unending pleasures that we have been wanting so much. It is precisely now that such an opportunity has arrived. Thousands of years have passed by on a big mistake, and now we have found the right channel. We only need to open it.

It is not an accident that Nature is liberating us from all of the excesses. It wants us to understand that we need to stop everything that we were doing up until now. Otherwise, we will deplete the Earth and finish off the ecology. We need to pass toward correction very quickly.

Thanks to correction, we will repair the still, vegetative, and animate levels. Fish will return in the rivers and the seas, corals will once again cover the ocean floor, the disappearing species will revive again, and greenery will cover the dried-up land. Everything suddenly will start blooming, and the forests will rise within mere weeks and months.

We will awaken Nature on the human level, and then the Light will pour down. Everything will return to order in the shortest time. Even the plastic containers will disappear from the ocean. We will bring a new energy into the world that will correct what man has done to nature in the same way that he will be correcting his faults by himself. Everything depends on the portion of Light with which we will illuminate the world.

However, let’s get back to integral upbringing. It imposes a responsibility on everyone to study and participate in the work of the system of correction, to become exposed to the influence of the environment, and create integral unity with everyone.

The most important thing is to change the approach, to transfer the focus to the area of my development, and to choose the kind of activity where I can give more and receive more positive influence, to unite more and feel the fulfillment in this. We simply have no alternative.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/2011, “The Nation”

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