The Mosaic That Leads To Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are standing at the foot of a ladder in a state opposite to Infinity, which we have to attain. Our ascent through the steps of this ladder occurs as a result of two active forces: the force of our desire and the Light.

On each level of our ascent, we have to show a greater desire to connect, and then to the extent of our desire, the Light acts upon us and connects us to one another. We do half of the action, which is called “half of a shekel” and the Creator does the other half, as it said: “A prayer does half the job,” “the Creator will finish it for me.”

We only try to connect to one another, and the Light comes—and performs this union between us. On a higher level we’ll experience an even greater pressure so that we will connect even more, and then once again the Light will come to connect us.

This is how we obtain a greater connection by ascending up the steps of the ladder until we reach total unity. Essentially this is the entire process that we must undergo.

This process contains practical work when we must physically sit together at meals, participate in different events and dissemination projects. However, the main work in correction happens when we study and want to attract the Light that Reforms so that it will create a connection between us.

We have to want to connect in order to attain bestowal and spirituality, and then the Light will influence us. However, this is more effective when we request this when we study and wish to connect and attract the Light. After all, when we read the sources, the words of which hide the Light, we are in the same place, the same state as the Light, and it is close to us.

It doesn’t matter how much I understand while reading the text because I am still unable to truly understand it until we connect. However, from the very first level of connection, I’ll understand what I read—thanks to the fact that the Light will connect us. It will connect all of our different forms into a mosaic. From this mosaic, I will reveal a picture of the spiritual degree, and within this new picture, I’ll reveal what I read about in the Kabalistic books.

We’ll start ascending to a higher level, meaning we’ll obtain greater egoistic desires. We’ll still have to connect, and this will be a more complex and higher level of connection. We’ll demand more Light, it will connect us, and a new mosaic will form between us.

Although we won’t appear to change, what will change are our egoistic desire, our intentions, and our efforts to connect above our egoistic desires. In the connection between us, we’ll reveal a different mosaic, a different and loftier picture, and in the words of The Zohar we’ll reveal a new inner state, one that’s more exalted and detailed.

We aspire to connect like the pieces of the mosaic, but the text tells us of a state where we’re already connected, and no matter what level we’re on, the text always corresponds to it. For this reason as we read The Zohar, we must demand for the correction to occur right then—thanks to the Light hidden in it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/2011, The Zohar

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