The European Crisis: Homelessness Spreads To Middle Class

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from There is a new generation of homeless people in Greece, Italy, France, and Britain: the middle class people affected by the crisis, who were dismissed due to budget cuts.

“‘I’ve never thought this could happen to me,’ said Petros Papadopoulos, 40, from Athens, a former chef who lost his job and then his home in 2010. ‘I later realized how thin the line is. It can happen to anyone. We are all potentially homeless.'”

My Comment: I have already written that the crisis will destroy a lot of “extra” professions because in the future society, which is in balance with nature, there are no professions and jobs except for those necessary for existence. All superfluousness is harmful, and therefore is deliberately annulled.

A person will receive everything necessary for normal existence, and the desire to fulfill oneself above the necessities, which we call egoism, will be satisfied by the feeling of connection of a single system. This will give us the sensation of eternal and harmonious fulfillment because initially (before its breaking), our egoism was created to be satisfied specifically in this form. So namely the middle class will lose their jobs….

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