The Era Of Global Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanI need to create the type of environment and atmosphere around me which will constantly convince me of the fact that being interconnected and compliant with others will lead me to a safer and better life. It is a life where I will feel good.

You take the formula of total interconnection between all elements in nature and reveal it to people in a way that they can understand. You explain to them that it’s good to care for one another because it is in this way that you become similar to nature that surrounds you. In so doing, you will benefit a great deal because you obtain harmony with nature. Then, all forces of nature, both concealed and revealed, will be benevolent towards us, and we’ll benefit in every way.

Let’s conduct an experiment and see how much we’ll succeed in business and in economics if we start treating each other with more compassion, like members of one family. This is difficult; however, if we begin to convince each other subtly, without any pressure, then surely no one will lose.

I teach my children not to fight, not to provoke others, to be polite, to say please and thank you, to share, and to make friends. I teach them these things because I know that this behavior will provide them with maximum safety. I don’t teach my children to punch people or to steal because first and foremost, I want them to be safe in life. If they are kind to people, they will always find a more or less normal condition to exist in.

Why can’t we establish these interrelations worldwide? We’ve considered all this before—in our visions of utopian societies.

We have to enlighten people about the era we’re entering into. Everyone must understand that we live in the era when everything is interconnected, where everyone is like a part of a single family, and everyone is dependent upon one another. This is the era where we reeducate ourselves to become a global and integral element of society, the era where each person understands his uniqueness, his own unique contribution to the world, and for this reason should feel responsible for his part. Each person has to feel this way in relation to all the others.
From the Talk on Global Education 9/7/2011

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