The Economy Of Balance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What changes do we have to implement at this point?

Answer: The most important task is to change man’s outlook on the world, his approach to it. In truth, we don’t need to do anything else. It is impossible to take any practical steps without this.

Indeed, people haven’t figured out what’s happening yet. They first must agree with the idea that we have to change internally in the direction of unity. It is enough to merely agree with it out of despair caused by the total extinction of the sources of fulfillment. People will reach a new understanding, will be imbued with a new feeling, and start to implement excellent ideas even before you think of them. As a result of the strong global connection, people will acquire wisdom.

Question: What does it mean “to agree to unite”?

Answer: People will agree internally that the world’s new and better future lies in the connection between everyone. This is already a different outlook on the world. I don’t object any more, I agree to learn about this, I become part of this plan, and I accept this message. I already understand that the crisis is caused by big egoism that has totally separated us and drawn us apart, while a single, whole system is being revealed to us.

This is what constitutes the agreement: Instead of following the price of the US dollar and interest rates, people will begin to change their way of thinking. “We will be better off if we unite more because this is the condition for success today, which Nature has posed to us.” A factory owner or a doctor at the clinic—no matter where a person is and what he or she does—will know that he can only succeed by way of unity, connection. A person will understand that it won’t help if he steals from someone, profits at someone’s expense, deceives someone, and so on. His entire attitude to life will change.

The present financial system is based on the principle of success at the expense of others. At first everything was fine: People saved money and invested it in industry. But then the speculative games started and prices soared. A fight starts over a glass that costs five dollars: One is ready to pay 20 dollars, and another 30, and we build an entire industry on these prices, as if it is based on real money. As a result, the dollar which was initially made of gold is now made of paper. We’ve lost control over the economy. It isn’t the economy anymore, but one big lie, and this is why it is being destroyed today.

We have to shift to a totally different system and most importantly, determine what we are doing this for. The global financial system has to help us balance the general system. We will operate not with inflated but real financial resources, which correspond to a real capacity of the world’s economy. Through this we will bring the world to balance. We will all discuss how to better invest the available means in order to reach maximum balance.

This is the new economic approach: to profit not from money in a bank account, but rather from strengthening the connection and balance betwen all the systems.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/2011, “Peace in the World”

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