A Solution That Is Hard To Discern

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the social protests in Israel, people experienced a sensation of togetherness for the first time. They understood what it means to be united. Now they lack this sensation. They don’t know what to do next. Some say that they want to become social activists and do volunteer work.

Answer: We need to rid them of all their illusions. Possibly, they will go and hand out presents in hospitals or distribute donations for the needy. We can’t stop them from doing this, but the most important thing is that they understand that correction comes from within. It’s not their external actions that need to change, but their inner state that must be altered. We discover the evil in the world not in order to correct it, but in order to transform ourselves. Then, the evil will disappear. The evil serves as an indicator of our inner change.

That’s a very different approach. It’s like switching your perception to a new level. You have to invert yourself from front to back. I always looked for ways to change the world, how to build more support systems and expand charity, how to create better aid systems, and how to improve our society. I wanted my kids to be able to walk at night without being attacked and help the elderly since I will be in that state one day. However, all of these things aren’t meant to correct our nature, but they serve to improve the picture of the external world, which I wanted to sweeten.

Now, we see an opposite situation. All those protests in numerous countries are totally useless, although we do understand why they are happening. The true reason for the protests is not what the oligarchs did, but that the external conditions of the world have changed. The world has become global, and that’s the essence of the crisis. Financial bubbles were created in the past as well; moreover, governments do this today because they don’t have any other solution. What else can they do? They are in a trap.

The real solution that they do not see yet is the inner change of a person. It is very difficult to discern this solution, and it’s even more difficult to believe that it’s realistic. It’s true that if we were better, if we stayed more connected and thought jointly, then, of course, we wouldn’t pollute the land and the air, and we would do everything right. That’s all true, but we are unable to do so. Nature is not pushing us hard enough yet, although according to recent data, we are finishing off the Earth. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be making an impression on us. We know that it’s still not happening today.

We use international organizations only for egoistic purposes. In general, if the United Nations makes a decision regarding any country, it is pretty easy to make this country comply. In this global world, you just close up their import and export “taps,” stop the financial flows, and here we go, the “patient” starts suffocating.

So why are we incapable of organizing the world properly? We have the ability, and we possess such forces. However, we haven’t suffered enough yet, and after each affliction, we go back to our old behavioral pattern.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/12/2011, “Peace in the World”

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  1. Dear

    “So, why are we incapable of organizing the world properly?”

    I believe, it is because most people (without the point in the heart) don’t realize what the rootcause is of their suffering. They believe they can resolve their suffering by exercising more egoism and they keep looking for what they think is the right kind of egoism to do this. The concept of “bestowing” to resolve their own suffering hasn’t yet entered their mind, so they don’t contemplate it as a solution. Yes, we can let these people suffer until they finally find the remedy by themselves. Or we can shorten their suffering by pro-actively spreading the solution. I speak of using popular television programs, radio shows… Worldwide…
    The people won’t immediately accept the solution, but at least the concept of “bestowing” to resolve their own suffering will enter their mind. When their suffering resumes, they will again try to resolve their suffering and this time they will include the concept of “bestowing” in their contemplation for a solution. This will greatly speed up the process of people finding and practicing the solution, namely “bestowing” in order to resolve their own suffering.

    With great respect
    Willy Paul Van der Schueren

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