Russia’s Middle Class Will Suffer

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Irina Hakamada, economist, from “’The U.S. economy is already in recession, Europe is experiencing tremendous debt pressure on the government, thus inevitably, the wave of recession will spread to Russia, and unpopular measures will be required.’

“’In Russia, 1 percent of the population consumes more than 50 percent of national income. We have an unjust society, and it is bad for many people. So I think that if the second wave of the crisis will cover Russia, it will again hit the middle class, who will lose jobs and will get burned with loans and mortgages.”

My Comment: However, due to the slave mentality of the population, the remnants of serfdom, and the habitual obedience during the Soviet era, the strengthening of nationalist and other circles or protests are unlikely.

By the way, this is for the better because it allows for immediately starting the search for new solutions—in the unity of society, similarity to nature, bringing Vernadsky’s ideas to life, and building in reality what was only spoken about during the Soviet years. Back then, the authorities forced it by power, artificially, and thus the people resisted, but today Nature compels us to reach mutual guarantee. There is no other alternative to survive.

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