Fed’s Report Paints A Gloomy Picture On Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From The Wall Street Journal): “The economy is growing at a painfully slow pace in most regions of the U.S., and many businesses say they are bracing for tougher times ahead, a Federal Reserve report said Wednesday.

“The Fed’s Beige Book, based on interviews with business contacts and economists in the 12 Fed districts across the U.S., said weakness was infecting sectors such as manufacturing that were once pillars of the recovery. Seven of the districts reported some form of weakening economic activity.

“The picture that emerges is one of Americans across the country taking stock of the shaky economy and hitting ‘pause.’”

My Comment: According to the conditions of the global integral system of the world, to the extent that each part affects the entire system positively or negatively, it receives a corresponding positive or negative reaction that has multiplied manifold.

Accordingly, the U.S. has no reason to expect positive results from its activity, owing to its negative influence in the world and the desire to win at the expense of others. In a unified world system, caring for oneself at the expense of others leads to a defeat. I hope that we will see it and will learn how not to act by the old principles of capitalism.

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  1. Something worth noting, capitalism is destructive when acted upon like a parasite. Make $ by all means. But, it is actually a quality system when used correctly, whereby we can gauge the good we have done for society by quantifying it’s value. This helps us apply our efforts effectively, in a similar way that the body shifts it’s focus to a wound, or towards digesting food. A feedback mechanism that affects focus of efforts is needed.

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