“Crisis” Is A Decision

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe word “crisis” (κρίσις) in Ancient Greek means not a problem but a decision, judgement, a turning point, meaning the birth of something new. (www.wikipedia.com)

The word “crisis” (משבר in Hebrew) means a place where a new life emerges, a seat where a mother gives birth to a child. A woman in labor is described as “sitting on the crisis.”

The great Biblical commentator RASHI (12th century AD) writes in his commentary on the Bible (Bible, Exodus 1,16): “The place of a birth giving mother is on the birth stones, which in another passage was called “Mashber ” (crisis) instead of “Avanim” (stones).”

There is also a passage in the Prophets: “The sons arrived at the crisis (Mashber) and have no strength to be born” (Prophets 2-9,3).

המילה “משבר” בעברית מתארת את כסא היולדת. כפי שנאמר “יושבת על המשבר” = יולדת.

רש”י, שמות פרק א’, פסוק ט”ז – “על האבניים מושב האישה היולדת, ובמקום אחר קוראו “משבר”.

“באו בנים עד משבר וכח אין ללידה”. מלכים ב’, פרק יט, פסוק ג’.


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