Approaching The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the reading of The Book of Zohar, each one needs to demand what seems to him to be most important. But one needs to understand that by reading any Kabbalistic book and especially The Zohar, we awaken the Light that Reforms. This Light works on us to the extent that we are similar to it.

Suppose a wind blows on me. If I move straight towards it, in exactly the same line as it does, it influences me to the maximum. But if I move towards it at an angle, then according to this angle, I lessen its influence on me. If I am at a 90 degree angle in relation to it, I feel the influence as if it throws me aside. If I oppose it, meaning turn my back to it by 180 degrees, then it influences me in the opposite direction.

Everything depends on my position in relation to the Light. If I connect to it, the Torah for me is the elixir of life, but if I oppose it, the Torah becomes the potion of death for me. The Light itself operates all the time.

Thus Kabbalists warn us not to open Kabbalistic books without the correct intention. It was forbidden in Kabbalah, and Kabbalists frightened people because they didn’t want to inflict any harm on them.

But now we are already in a state where it is permitted for everyone to study the wisdom of Kabbalah since we are all becoming mutually connected and different laws are operating here. But when we want to reveal the spiritual world, we must position ourselves directly towards the Light. Will it be the Light that Reforms or the opposite? Each person has to decide for himself.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/2011, The Zohar

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