The Building Blocks Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of the Zohar, ChapterPekudei (Accounts),” Item 157: The waters rise and fall in the chairs, illuminating from below upward and from above downward. Those who descended mine the deeps and break them. Those who rise enter through those holes in the stones, in the Masach de Peh de Rosh ZA, rising and filling for seven days, which are the seven Malchuts from Chazeh and above.

The Zohar only talks about the connection of the desires: how they come together, what combinations of connections are created as a result of this, and what Lights are revealed according to the equivalence of form between the connections of desires and the Light, with the Light being the attribute of bestowal they discover between them.

To the measure that you correct the general system and connect different desires and their groups together, to that measure you enliven the system. And you discover that the attribute of bestowal, the Light, vitality and life, is flowing in it. There is nothing else but this. Outside of this system, neither the Creator nor the created being exist; everything is within it. It stands before us as broken because this is the way we discover it from within our uncorrected attributes. This is in order for us to attain, though our connection, its attributes, trends, and parts, and how they work together.

We deal with live “building blocks”: You join the separate parts, they become alive. Thus, gradually, as you join more and more parts, you revive the entire system. It begins to operate, and you discover the various phenomena in it.

We have no other work. Now, at this time, we approach the practical work of uniting our desires, our thoughts. They reveal themselves before us as more and more connected from day to day. Thus it seems to us that the world is confused, but it is us who are confused. We don’t understand that the world is becoming more connected than we are. We are shown that there is a breakage between us, a crisis.

We must understand that this breakage is in our perception. We have to begin to connect, to unite our desires. Kabbalists talk to us only about this, about one only place that needs to be corrected: the ties between us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/2011, The Zohar

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