A Science About The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanSo far we do not know a science about the future. And in the future we must be in agreement with nature and somehow change ourselves, becoming similar to it. We have to become global, integrated, interconnected, and mutually well-wishing, understand that this is the only way things can become easier and better for us, and together come to a certain common decision to share produce, natural resources, and goods, that is, whatever is happening in every individual state.

If we were able to imagine a human society like this, and this society would really be human, and not animal like today, then of course, we would really be able to achieve absolute comfort and proper unity with nature. Then we would receive everything from nature properly. We would live in harmony and stop wasting so much energy and resources on defense and attack. Enormous resources would free up.

The problem lies in our nature. Today, for the first time in the history of humanity, the surrounding environment is showing us that we must be interconnected by kind forces and ties between us; otherwise we will be in a constantly escalating crisis.

Moreover, this is a threatening crisis because we are in constant wars and conflicts, not between us, but with nature. For this reason, today we will perceive nature to be increasingly hostile in its ecological manifestations, climatic changes, different health problems, epidemics, and so on. This will also manifest in our inner problems: the break up of the family unit, problems with children, problems with science, art, upbringing, and education, not to mention international and intergovernmental problems, which eventually will lead to enormous suffering.
From the Talk on Global Education 9/4/2011

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  1. Hi mate,

    Thought you might be interested in this one, WE(the world) need connection. WE need Love thy Neighbour now or it’s all going to blow up in our face.

    Cheers Bro

  2. desemination is how this information is spread, and uit is important that edition be performed in a thorough and careful manner; otherwise, no one will take this seriously. I quote:

    …Then we would everything we receive from nature properly…

  3. Most certain enormous suffering will come. It already has; it has always been.
    And most certain, light will come. It already has; it has always been.
    Light will always follow suffering, always.

    Most enjoyed your thoughts.
    Thank you.

    Most respectfully,
    Ms. Braiding

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