Agree With It And It Will Be Revealed!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I personally affect the process of the emergence of worlds?

Answer: You already exist in the world of Infinity; you only need to discover yourself in it. We all exist inside the circle of the world of Infinity—all of us! We automatically exist in this system in an ideal state. Right now we also are in the world of Infinity in a completely corrected state, but not in relation to us. This state of absolute bestowal, love, and the full interaction of every person with everyone else is completely opposite to us.

It is gradually revealed to us to the extent that we are able to tolerate it. It is the most repulsive, hateful, and odious state I could imagine. And this is why it is revealed to me to the extent that I am able to potentially agree with it ahead of time.

In Baal HaSulam’s “Peace in the World,” “The Freedom,” as well as other articles, we study that we are all interconnected like wheels in one mechanism where they are all locked in together, linked in an ideal manner. They are so tightly connected that the tiniest movement of one of the wheels causes the entire system to move. Everyone depends on everyone else, and everyone must move harmoniously. We are in this system initially.

Agree With It And It Will Be Revealed1
We are all so different, and we exist in this picture (see the box in the diagram below). This image can be two or three dimensional, it can be anything. In it, we are tightly linked like in a Rubik’s Cube: Every one of us consists of 613 desires, together with everyone else, where every individual also consists of 613 desires. In other words, we are completely “knit together.”

Agree With It And It Will Be Revealed2

But thankfully, this image is not revealed to us because we are unable to tolerate it. However, we exist in it, and we automatically perform all our actions, including the current ones as well. And all these actions are righteous. In reality, all we do is bestow to one another. But we do not see it. Instead, we see an opposite picture, the one we want to see.

Kabbalah attunes us to gradually reveal our ideal state so this image will begin to live in me, so that I want it to live in me. And then it becomes revealed.

There is nothing new in the world. Simply a state initially created by the Creator and where you exist from the beginning becomes revealed. This is why our entire wisdom is wisdom about the revelation of the Creator, this entire system, and no more than that. All that is required of us is to want for that what exists to become revealed. But we must change ourselves and agree with this image in order to want it and to reveal it. This is our work.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/2/2011

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