Lost Hopes

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have been constantly evolving, adding to our social, family, and internal development from year to year. We thought that our children would live better than us and that actually life was getting better and better.

Today we’ve lost that hope. We no longer make plans for the future. We’ve entered such a phase when humanity doesn’t feel its future because nature seemingly pushes us from behind and no longer develops our egoistic desires. On the contrary, those egoistic desires through which we developed start closing now: The desires of each and every one of us become dependent upon all the others. This is a big problem, and it is being confirmed by a large number of scientists.

We never felt that we are in mutual guarantee, in “a butterfly effect.” We didn’t feel that the world is global and integral. We never thought about that. We thought: “Interconnection is good! I will sell to him, he will sell to me, and we will do this and that together with these and those.” Meaning, I felt that I could use globalization egoistically, that I could gain something from it. It’s good that the world became so small; it’s good that I can fly everywhere and do everything….”

Then suddenly, the world became different! All of a sudden, it is becoming clear that globalization does not get along with my egoism, that it starts pressuring and constraining me if I don’t interact with it properly. This is called a crisis.

What’s the matter?! What is going on? People remained people. Money, industry, goods, food, everything is the same. What’s the crisis about? It’s about our disparity with this new law that is now being revealed.
From the Talk on Global Education 9/4/2011

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