The Choice Of The Masses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do the masses have freedom of choice to join bestowal?

Answer: Neither AHP nor Galgalta ve Eynaim have freedom of choice. They find free choice in the middle third of Tifferet only by uniting with one another.

Of course, the choice of AHP is not the same as that of Galgalta ve Eynaim. The choice of the masses is expressed by realizing that they have to complete work on unification as fast as possible—not by the path of suffering, but by means of conscious and voluntary connection to the spiritual leaders.

We shouldn’t look down on AHP for the fact that it is being led by a shepherd. Galgalta ve Eynaim is also following the Creator, the force of bestowal, the program of creation, like a flock. This is not what makes us special. We are special because we accelerate the time by looking for an opportunity to bow down our heads on our own. This is our freedom of choice.

However, AHP is no less significant than Galgalta ve Eynaim. Rather, it is more significant.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/11, “The Nation”

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  1. I use to look down on people who didn’t aspire to be better spiritually or at least treat others better. But, I don’t do that anymore and know it wouldn’t be right to do it. If I were making a spiritual mistake, I wouldn’t want someone else looking down on me, so I don’t do it to others. I read somewhere in a Jewish article, that we can actually be “jealous” in a good way of those who have to make corrections. Because they have the opportunity to do many more mitzvah’s than we do because of their deficiencies. And, on the topic of jealousy, I do not get jealous of others. If someone does something better than I do, I am not afraid to tell them I admire them or that they do it well and compliment them. Mainly, because a person who is jealous isn’t able to compliment others who are better than he/she because they don’t want to admit someone is better than they are. Also, I do it because I know what it is like to have others jealous of me and how I didn’t like treated. So, whatever was hateful to me, I make it a point to not do it to others. Thank you for this posting!

  2. How to reach to the heart of masses?

    They only want ‘bread and entertainment’ like they wished it through the whole history, and of course they’v continued to suffer under the different kind of blows!

    Now the time has come that they need an simple and clear understanding about the reasons of their torments and crises on many levels! Yes, simple and clear; but how? Streets is only partial solution on my modest opinion! They need simple and clear examples of what to do in order to Move on further to a better way of life rather than not wait for ” in their time” prepared from great Nature for all of us.
    Who is going to give them such examples and how?

    How to work with this ‘flock’ of masses in order to feel the words of messages for their better future from the spiritual leaders and their followers?

    They can acting like a flock but inside this kind of “flock” there there is the strong potential that can change their destiny and the destiny of the whole world we live in if they recognize in their minds and hearts their real “shepherd.”

    Love to all human beings now and forever!

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