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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of “to fall into despair from the work and cry out to the Creator?”

Answer: Usually in the beginning a person relies on one’s self and later, due to hopelessness, he has to rely on the group. Then also due to hopelessness, he relies upon the upper force. Ultimately, he’s left with no choice but to let go of asking only for himself and to begin to figure out the intention to bestow. This is how he’s led by his inner program, his inner HaVaYaH, until his appeal to the Creator takes a more correct direction.

This is called suffering that leads a person toward a correct goal. After all, “whatever the mind doesn’t do, time does” and “suffering softens the egoism.” This is the path by which we advance. Each time we make a “mistake,” it leads us to a revelation of a more correct state. This is how the chain of informational genes (Reshimot) operates within us.

This is how we ultimately reach a state about which is said: “The sons of Israel fell into despair from this work and cried out to the Creator.” This means that as a person moves along this chain of states connected as cause and effect, he gradually becomes more and more disappointed. He does so until he reaches a state of total despair, where he understands that he can’t do anything on his own and that “there is none else besides Him,” meaning that no one can help him but the Creator. This Creator isn’t some magical force, but a special reality that becomes revealed within a person.

This reality is revealed only when it is clothed in a person. That’s why a person begins to want the intention to bestow to take over him.

It is said: “You will not have other Gods.” That is, we need to determine that everything, both externally and internally, is ruled by one Creator. We determine this as a result of adhesion to Him and through the contrast of contradictions that became revealed to us. This is the most difficult moment because we discover a new reality with two ruling forces, but they come together into a single force. And this is what all of humanity must do.

Until today, “I” considered myself the only authority, standing against society and the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature, and tried to control them as much as possible in order to benefit myself. I took them into consideration, but only to determine whether I could handle them, similarly to when I see ahead of time that I can’t handle lifting a heavy suitcase.

I was the main link in this system, and everything ultimately ran through me. Even when I obeyed some external force such as the government or society, these were my decisions, thoughts and desires.

And now I’m in a state of disarray because I see that these aren’t my thoughts, aren’t my intentions and desires! But the decision can be mine only if I know how to work with my environment. I have a small area of freedom called the “middle third of Tifferet.” Everything existing within me and outside of me, with the exception of this subtle relation towards the environment, I have to attribute to the Creator.

It is not by their own will that these people before me want to beat me or hug me. These actions aren’t theirs, but the Creator’s. And my own behavior, whether I act correctly or incorrectly, whether I am a sinner or a saint, isn’t determined by me but by an external force.

For the first time in the history of our development we are discovering the existence of an external force, and we have to work with it in a very special way. The faster we try to discover this governance and begin to collaborate with it, the more we’ll gain and spare ourselves the suffering.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/7/2o11, Shamati #109

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  1. So, we know The Creator’s force by the negative feelings/attitudes towards others. And transforming the negativity by changing our attitudes towards others, then we are receiving in order to bestow. Because there is only one force acting on us. Because we receive the negative feelings in order to give to others.

  2. Wonderful article…much appreciated Rav!! There is None Else Besides Him!!!

    Best Wishes Rav!

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