We Need To Create A Society Built On Internal Harmony

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev): “Relations between different ethnic groups, between those who come to work in Europe and the local residents have deteriorated in almost every European country. These problems also exist in the Russian Federation.

“Most European politicians have started talking about the crisis of multiculturalism, saying that the values of multiculturalism have not withstood the test of time and should be revised. Of course, a great deal depends on how one understands the term multiculturalism, but ethnically Russia is an extremely complex country, a melting pot of numerous ethnic groups and religions. For us coexistence of different peoples is a matter that is not related to foreign immigrants, who one way or another appear in every country, including Russia. It is a question of internal harmony, which was created over the centuries and which, as we thought in a certain period, we were able to take to a completely new level.

“We really need to create a society built on internal harmony, where people are tolerant of each other and at the same time respectful of the traditions that make up the core of an ethnic group.”

My Comment: Russia more than any other country is in a dangerous explosive state, and it needs unification. And unification is achieved only by nation-wide education and by using mass media to create the environment that would transform every person in terms of his role in society. Previously, this used to be the goal of the ruling party, while now it is a challenge of nature, and hence, it is necessary for survival.

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