Anyone Is Capable Of It

Dr. Michael LaitmanRav Kook: “Great spiritual questions that are resolved only for great and outstanding people now have to be resolved on different levels of the entire nation. In order to lower great, lofty things from the height of their grandeur to the depth of the level of the masses, a tremendous wealth of spirit is needed, as well as constant social activity that becomes a habit. Only then will knowledge expand and the language appear enabling deeper things to be expressed in an easy, popular style, thereby returning the afflicted souls.”

The science of Kabbalah really is very concealed and distant from people, even though everything is in one “place”: the worlds and souls, Sefirot, Partzufim, circles, and lines. Everything we study in the science of Kabbalah is in one place, in one state. However, in the perception of the receivers, it becomes revealed according to the law of equivalence of form. Our current qualities determine which part of the perfect reality we are able to perceive.

Today our qualities are egoistic, extremely limited, and restricted. Therefore, we perceive only a tiny portion of the enormous world we are in. And we perceive it through the bodily perception, which is confined by the boundaries of time, motion, and space. All of this limits us tremendously.

Throughout all of history, human creatures were in this state, and only individuals were able to perceive the true reality where “to perceive” means to live it, to exist in the same quality. This is because I live in concordance with the qualities that I am able to develop within. If they are above time, then I am eternal, and if they are immersed inside of time, then my existence is temporary. If my qualities are above space, I feel all of reality from end to end, but if they are closed in on some tiny fragment, then I am inside of it and perceive myself as limited in volume inside of this 3D coordinate system. I am also limited in motion, shifting along the physical axis rather than the time axis.

In short, there are many limitations, and in this regard everything depends on my qualities. We don’t really understand this because we are used to certain qualities that we were born in, grew up in, and now live in. However, if we really change them, then we will transform our reality completely. By perceiving a higher layer of it, we will experience it as infinite, located above time, space, and motion. There, we can live in completely different conditions.

This is why Kabbalah is called the science about reception because with its help, we can receive or perceive a completely different reality. We acquire a certain “regulator” by means of which we can change the axis of time, space, and motion, shifting to other dimensions and times with a slight shift of inner qualities.

All of this is realistic. This capability is present inside of us. We can influence the Light that forms us, and accordingly, it will endow us with various qualities. This mechanism was used by Kabbalists of all generations until our time.

However, today we have found ourselves in a special state where all of humanity is acquiring this capability. An impulse is being born in us to change the current form of existence. We are starting to feel worse and worse in this world and are finding less and less benefits from life in it. We are still holding on to it due to not having any other choice, due to the unwillingness to suffer, but are starting to be more persistent in asking ourselves the question, “What for? Why? What’s the point of this existence?”

Questions and suffering of different levels are pushing us to search. And at the same time, we are revealing an inner capability to control the force that created us to such an extent that we really will change with its help. Then, in this period of time, in this life, in our reality, we will be able to turn the little wheels inside of us and find ourselves in completely different dimensions.

This is what Rav Kook writes about: “Great spiritual questions that are resolved only for great and outstanding people now have to be resolved on different levels of the entire nation.” Anyone is capable of it.
From the New York lecture #2, 9/12/11

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  1. Thank you for this article on time and space. I can see that if The Creator is infinite then he has to live outside of our time and space. Otherwise, when good is in a person and they die, then The Creator would go away as well with their time here on earth and in their space of their body. Since I can see that good in a person goes on throughout time anyway, despite death and lack of body, then I have to conclude that The Creator is infinite. Also, if The Creator existed in corporeal things like material goods or ideas like money and power, then The Creator would stop existing as soon as those things went away. Yet, The Creator doesn’t stop existing when these things go away. So, The Creator must exist in a separate dimension outside of corporeal things and despite death over time. This is how life is infinite and not death.

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