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Dr. Michael LaitmanMany people think that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about “the number of angels in the sky and their names,” about certain vague and distant notions that have nothing to do with us. It takes a long time for a person who comes to study Kabbalah to rid himself of all these stereotypes. We do not learn a new approach to reality; we are not brought up in this spirit.

Now, as the crisis gradually unfolds, we will feel a persistent need to discover how to settle in the world, in life, in a new connection between people, which we must become aware of if we want to survive in this world, and thus we will become acquainted with this wisdom that teaches us to create a proper connection between us. We must do it in order to control our everyday life, to come out of the crisis in all areas of education, family relationships, science, the economy, and our relationship with nature that continues to inflict blows on us.

For this reason we must identify the problem in order to get rid of it or work it out one way or another; otherwise, we will constantly suffer. Our desire to receive pleasure compels us to find the cause of all our suffering. Gradually we’ll discover that the reason is in the fact that people are connected incorrectly, badly, that the egoistic connections we have developed over the course of thousands of years do not work any longer and even cause harm.

First of all, we always believed it was better to be an egoist, everyone on his own; that we had to build a consumer society; that each person could enjoy to the extent of his ability to use and deceive others for his own benefit, and as long as he followed the rules and avoided prison or punishment, he could do so and rule.

But now a new system is being revealed and it’s telling us: “No! That same tendency, that egoistic approach, that same attitude, will no longer work. There needs to be a different attitude. The previous system was individualistic, and we were not dependent on one another. Now, we have reached the end of our individual, personal development. Like sprouts emerging from the ground, we too have grown and hit the ceiling; there’s no more room for us to grow.

Since we’ve reached our ‘ceiling,’ we now need to connect with each other. It is a different system of existence. Do you want to exist? If you do, then you need to be more connected with each other.”

It is difficult for us to imagine such a system. We only notice our incapability to achieve anything. Through suffering, we gradually discover the true state of affairs. This is why in the end, the wisdom of Kabbalah also reveals itself.

Then, instead of “heavenly angels” and various strange and unfamiliar words, we gradually, with difficulty, begin to realize that Kabbalah tells us about the structure of the connection between us, the way to attain this proper connection, and become part of it. It explains to us the extent to which our attitude towards this proper connection determines our future, so much so that we no longer need to work as before, mostly physically, but we need to begin to work largely in our intentions.

We won’t need to reinvent our lives or the world, use different mechanisms, equipment, or technologies; instead, everything will shift towards our relationships and the connections between us. And the outcome will depend on the quality of our connection.

Once thousands of people worked in fields and millions worked in factories, plants, and industries, but today we discover that people have nowhere to work; they can only work on strengthening the connection between us in a virtual, internal way. This specifically will determine our success in manufacturing, exporting, importing, in everything we need in order to arrange our corporeal lives. We will continue to shift our view and direction to our inner relationship because there we will reveal a truly perfect and new world.

To attain the revelation of these states gradually, step by step, we read The Zohar. It is the best book for opening our hearts, mind, eyes, and ears so we can start feeling how much we depend on the network of connections between us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/7/2011The Zohar

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  1. I think instead of saying we seek continual pleasure it is more correct to say, we seek to stop suffering; If we figure out that we are OK as we are, we can stop trying to be something we are not, and immediately we can get off our brothers and sisters backs as well:

    who wants to constantly feel less than? of course we are going to look for pleasure in a situation like that: we need something to filter all the noise that tels us to be more, different, on and on and on……….its endless and its cruel what we do to ourselves:

    love ourselves and our neighbor will be the better for it:

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