The Metamorphoses Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Correction takes place from simple to complex, but revelation and understanding from complex to simple. How can we combine these two opposites?

Answer: These two opposites meet in a person, in his or her desire. As the desire gets awakened, a person performs certain actions: directs his or her desire, concentrates it, and works with it correctly—and feels certain results in it.

We, our nature, our desire, are the objects of study here. I investigate what is going on in my desire, in my being. Studying the books, which thus are called the “Torah” (from “Oraa” or “manual”), I transform my desires in various ways: change, combine, analyze, synthesize, connect to others, come near or far, and so on. By reading books that tell me about various metamorphoses taking place in my desire, I evoke a certain effect upon myself.

Thus, my desire constantly transforms, takes newer and newer additional shapes. At the same time, none of the shapes changes. It just gets enclosed into bigger subsequent shapes until we acquire all the garments on our original point in the heart and reach full correction.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 9/4/2011

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