Loving The Other? It’s Easy!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where do the upper world and this world come into contact with one another?

Answer: Our world and the upper world meet in the desires of other people, which I can connect to my desires so they become like my own. That’s why there is the condition of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

My primordial desire is just a point. I can’t receive anything into it; it has no volume. If I can connect the desire of the other to myself and accept it as my own, I act in a very interesting way: I ask to be given the Light with which to fill it. The Light comes, passes through me, and I fill that desire. If I similarly connect myself to an even bigger desire, and more and more desires, I reach the world of Infinity.

The world of Infinity is all the points in all the hearts. Then all the Light of Infinity passes through me, and I feel this Light in all the others, in seemingly foreign desires that, because I connected them to myself, became mine.

Loving the Other Is Easy

This clarifies the meaning of the maxim, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”: “You” (an egoist) “love thy neighbor” (all the others so that they become close to you) “as thyself” (connect their desires to yourself).

Then, you’ll pass all the upper Light through yourself. You’ll receive it into the desires you have connected to yourself—they are yours. Thereby we reach eternity, perfection, the world of Infinity. This is what our work is all about.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 9/4/2011

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  1. it is easy to love others…………….if you can give yourself a break first: Loving others as self requires you to “let go” of hating yourself for not being better, smarter, richer, prettier, handsomer, stronger, loftier, quicker, smoother, and on and on and on as the ego has more requirements than a beehive has bees:

    the truth sets you free when you ACCEPT that freedom for yourself first:
    its like you can love others only to the extent that you love yourself and most egos simply don’t………..they love their IDEAL version of themselves and expect everyone to love that as well:

    better to love your true self and give the same honor to everyone else as well:

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