Could It Be That Pharaoh Was A Jew?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I was shocked by your statement that American Jews are against Israel and its existence as a nation. What are your words based upon?

Answer: There is a purely psychological effect: When a person lives in a certain environment, he wishes to justify his existence in it. But if he has an additional environment, that means he is not entirely loyal to the one in which he exists, and therefore the environment perceives him as “not one of us.”

For example, this is apparent from people’s reaction to the Pollard case, and from my contact with many American Jews. They are very critical of Israel because it would be more comfortable for them if it were different, more attractive to Americans. The prevailing opinion among them is, “Israel is not acting right!” Not to mention their love and support of Obama…. And what about his Jewish advisers, who are bothered by Israel’s very existence in the context of their global plans….

Generally speaking, I suggest you look at history, at how America closed itself off to emigration of European Jews, indirectly sending them to the gas chambers. Yet President Roosevelt was known as ‘President Rosenfeld’ because of the great number of Jews in his administration, and Bernard Baruch, Roosevelt’s financier and adviser, was known as the ‘unofficial president.’

A while ago there was a documentary film about the history of television, called “The President of the Jews” which showed a full blown conflict between Bernard Baruch, the State Department, and Jews in the Treasury Department and the courts. Finally, the State Department created additional bureaucratic obstacles, such as a requirement to present a certificate of good behavior from the German police.

See: Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization, Nicholson Baker, 2008

Page 83: “Millions of strong, courageous European refugees could settle, proposed Baruch, in a place to be called the United States of Africa—a large nondenominational republic assembled from pieces of Kenya, Tanganyika, and Northern Rhodesia… ”

Also see: American refugee policy and European Jewry, 1933-1945, Richard Breitman, Alan M. Kraut, 1987

Page 233: “Baruch would be more likely to consider colonization of Jews on some undiscovered planet rather than Palestine.”

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  1. Rav,
    i didnt find your answer complete , do you mean to say that American Jews don’t appreciate what it is to be surrounded by enemies ? if so my follow up is then what is the future of Israel?more importantly i clicked on the link because it talked of Pharaoh being a Jew, now am totally lost.please explain

  2. I am always surprised to see American Jews who are against Israel. I don’t get it. But then, when I think about it and you don’t want to be loving and Jewish then you oppose anything that is going to go against your liberalism. Even if it is your own kind. Which just further makes me believe, as a non-Jew that love is something manifested internally as a choice by the individual and has nothing to do with cultures or where you come from.

  3. So what is the role of Israel today? (based on the quote below)

    “486) When Israel were in the holy land, nourishments would come down to them from a high place, they gave an extract to the idol-worshipping nations, and all the nations were feeding on the extract. Now that Israel are in exile, the matter has been turned around in a different way: the food comes to the nations of the world and Israel receive an extract from them.” (Zohar – Truma [Donation] 2)

  4. I always wondered why the Americans didn’t help the Jews more and why other countries as well just watched and wouldn’t help them during the Holocaust. How could people stand themselves or live with themselves to know Jews were getting killed? Weren’t they ashamed of themselves, so much that they couldn’t live with themselves and would have to do something to help? How could they live with themselves?

  5. I see that the elite materialists, which come from all cultures, tend to join together to protect their own interests throughout history. It’s not a Jewish heritage that defines any of these types of materialists. They may be Jewish but only in heritage and not advanced in the true expression of religious or spiritual practice. I’m Jewish and I didn’t vote for Obama. I have acquaintances who did, but I consider them to be in need of a better spiritual education from the discussions we have. Nevertheless, we are all in need of a better spiritual orientation!! Trouble is that when notable materialists take positions in order to protect themselves, they end up deceiving others who look up to them. So the masses in the Jewish Middle class were deceived, what else is new?

  6. US Jews strongly support Israel, new poll shows

    “A new poll of the American Jewish community finds deep and ongoing support for Israel, contradicting recent speculation that American Jews were becoming disaffected with the Jewish state.

    The poll of over 1,000 American Jews, conducted on May 16 and 17 by Frank Luntz of Frank Luntz Global, on behalf of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, shows commitment to Israel and its right to self-defense, and fear for its security….”

  7. Venant Mwakio

    @ Veno

    I am not sure what is the future of Israel as long as the Palestinian question lingers on. An independent palestinian state based on the pre-sixties borders might be the key to lasting peace. American Jews are as worried as any other Jews when threats are directed towards their people in Israel and they always respond accordingly.


    As much as we sympathize about the Jewish predicaments, can we also address the issue of millions dying today in the horn of Africa and other parts of third worlds while “everyone” stays muted, watching? Does Rwanda ring a bell? Some interventions need projected value points, clearly missing in many of these stances. Probably at that time non existed, just like today, none exist in Somalia…may be.

  8. I don’t understand your statements regarding American Jews. Many American Jews pleaded with Roosevelt to open America’s doors to Jews during the Holocaust. American Jews are concerned for the safety and existence of Israel. We are also concerned for the safety and well being of human beings around the world. Your finger-pointing and blaming seems to take a narrow view and is divisive and counter to what you teach in Kabbalah.

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