You Want To Involve The People? Then Educate Them!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWith regard to the protest movement in Israel, we have to give people an explanation of what stands behind the demands they are advancing to the government today. In essence, we are giving them sensible, real concepts so they would understand the essence of their slogans.

What’s the point of simply screaming about equality? After all, it can only be relative, limited.

What’s the point of screaming out slogans of unity if we are egoists and hate one another? It follows that we have to unite above our egoism, and for that we need an exalted goal. It’s similar to how during times of war, when we wish to save ourselves, we feel closer together, even though this is not real unity yet.

What’s the point of becoming all emotional about mutual guarantee? What does it mean? A bank guarantee? No, it means that in our society, everyone is soldered together into one and it’s impossible to avoid this. Then, unwillingly, out of having no other choice, to avoid slitting each other’s throats, we create a dependence called mutual guarantee.

Nature has already instilled this connection into the system, but humanity is still not aware of that. On our part, we already feel and understand that everyone are in “one pot” and we don’t have any other possibility besides observing the integral law of mutual guarantee.

However, mutual guarantee requires us to first of all be responsible: Every person bestows to others and depends on them. It’s the same as in a family: I depend on the children, and they depend on me. We are connected by the force of love and interdependence, for good or for bad. And now let’s make this unbreakable connection between us good and pleasant, so it will open up the future to us. No matter how you look at it, we are already in this situation, so let’s make it desirable.

If I am sorry about the fact that we depend on one another, then it’s easier for me to leave everyone and run away. But we are rising to a different level: We want this connection, and even if it wasn’t there, we would still build the mutual guarantee among us from zero.

In Kabbalah this is called “as one man with one heart.” If our demonstrators want that kind of unity—go ahead, it’s all yours. However, first it is necessary to explain everything to them. In mutual guarantee, every person receives the necessities and gives everything else to the society, and without that bestowal, society cannot exist. That is the meaning of mutual guarantee. This is how we have to take care of others.

Comment: Some of the protestors have clear demands. By “social justice” they mean free education, normal rent prices, care about the general well-being, accessible medical service for every person, a worthy salary for doctors, and transparency of the government’s actions….

Answer: Very well. However, this requires the whole nation to rise to a level where people will understand how the legislative and executive powers operate, how laws are passed, and how they are implemented in life. Every person has to understand what it means to analyze a situation, make decisions, and realize them in practice.

Go ahead, involve the nation. That is how problems used to be solved once, “by everyone.” However, millions of people cannot get together for a meeting, and that’s why people have given a mandate to separate representatives or accepted the power of the “lord,” throwing the weight of responsibility off their own shoulders.

If we want to raise people to intelligent decisions of a social, national character, we have to introduce the corresponding upbringing. Today it’s not enough to have just knowledge about the structure of the government. A person has to be part of the decision-making process within the framework of the mutual guarantee and unity among everyone.

If you want justice—go ahead: Unite as it requires. Only then will you be able to analyze and understand the situation. Only then will you grasp and carry out the law of justice.

One way or another, we run into the need for upbringing. Let us hope that people will understand this.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/1/11, “The Peace”

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  1. Why were only some people’s point in the heart awakened and not others? What deems one worthy of having such a great gift and others not?

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