Connect The Whole World Inside Of You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I connect with the world if the whole world thinks only about itself?

Answer: That does not matter. It just seems to you that the world thinks about itself. In reality, it does not think about itself, but it is you who perceives the world in this way.

When you become corrected and connect everyone to yourself, you will suddenly find out that there are no “others.” Your flawed egoism made the whole world appear broken into parts and made it seem like you need to correct them, while in fact, you were correcting yourself.
From the virtual lesson on 8/14/11

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  1. Isn’t it also that the whole world is just thinking about what it knows. If they are just striving for corporeal things and that is all they know, then that is all it is. It’s just satisfaction with whatever they are trying to get ahead in. For others, it is enough. Unless something drastically pushes them to dig deeper and be unsatisfied really fast with the corporeal goals and seek something beyond it.

  2. This is an awesome concept

  3. May we understand these different perspectives, at least in an intermediate model sense, as though we actually stood across a continua of apparant realities. This, let us say, as in the scientific sense the multi-history (or “many worlds”) hypothesis accepted by the majority of physicisists today).

    Then would our movement via the three lines, or equivalently(?) our free choice concerning environment (subreality), be a matter of which “channel” our consciousness “prays” (raises MAN?) to be attached to?

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