Natural And Man-Induced Critical Emergencies Are Increasing

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (by Vladislav Bolov, head of Russia’s Ministry for Emergencies”): "Climatic changes observed over the last several decades on Russian territory have led to an increasing possibility of extreme phenomena that cause natural and technology-induced critical emergencies.

"The annual influx of such phenomena, considering statistical dispersion, amounts to approximately 6%, and this unsettling tendency is predicted to continue. Climatic conditions in Russia are changing quite significantly, and will keep doing so.

"Climatic changes are characterized by a substantially higher temperature during the cold seasons, increasing vaporization at decreasing precipitation, increasing drought frequency, and altered annual run-off."

My Comment: And most importantly, there aren’t any external, technological devices that can soften these blows. Only if people transform internally, no matter how strange and irrelevant to the external phenomena it may sound, will they be able to bring the climate and the entire system back into balance.

Moreover, this balance will occur relative to man, who is the central point and the regulator of this system.

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One Comment

  1. Unlike the Biblical Noah, it appears that we will not be allowed to isloate ourselves and ark-environment with the goodly fauna (and flora — and air & water!) that we personally might influence. There appears to be a frightening job upon our shoulders here that we had better fulfill. Hopefully our work in Kabbalah to this point has gotten us to where we at least have, if not some positive feeling towards the work, at least a sense of duty (as it were the only adult in a room of children with a fire alarm going off) — and the perception that if we will it, the job is doable as it is the Creator, not us, who will really be doing it.

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