Europe And The Euro On The Edge

Dr. Michael LaitmanEditorial in the News: “Europe and the euro find themselves on the edge of the precipice, warned former European Commission President Jacques Delors.

“In an interview with Swiss Le Tamps, Delors says that the Franco-German meeting has not brought any real solutions for a way out of the crisis in the euro area.

“‘Let’s open our eyes – the euro and Europe are on the edge of the precipice. In order to avoid a collapse, there is a simple way out – the EU member states should either agree on closer economic cooperation or endow more power to the EU. The second variant has been already rejected by the majority of the 27 member states and thus only the first variant is possible,’ Delors commented further.

“According to him, the rejection of closer economic cooperation is equal to break-up of the European community.”

My Comment: Several years ago I wrote on this blog that the EU countries have to embrace only total unification because an incomplete connection between them will lead to their disintegration, if not to war.

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  1. Does every incomplete connection ultimately lead to strife, being egotistical?

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