Circle: The Quality Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanCurrently, a new governance is being revealed in the world—a “circular” one. But that doesn’t mean that the “straight” governance disappears. We need to understand how we can use the straight line to fill the circles, meaning how to combine the individual with the society and what relationship to build between them.

“I” need to remain. I am one who governs and makes the decisions, understands, attains, and aspires “straight” to a certain goal, but I do all this for the sake of (circular) bestowal, love, by cancelling myself.

It is an apparent contradiction, as it is written, “He who wishes to live kills himself,” or like the Creator commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac while promising that the entire posterity will stem from him. We don’t understand how this could be, but this is how the circular governance is revealed from the other side. And because of that we find ourselves in such complicated states—broken and unclear. However, by beginning to check, scrutinize, and get confused by them, in so doing, we draw closer to spirituality!

Indeed, the spiritual world comprises these two forms. Up until now we have existed in only one form—the straight one. I press, and others press back on me—and so we all live by the law of “might makes right.” And even if we see opposite relationships, such as that between a mother and a child, they too are governed by nature via the straight line.

But the circular governance is being revealed only in our days, which is why we feel so helpless. In order to advance, we need to understand it at least a little bit. And for that, we need qualities like love and faith above reason, which transcend the straight governance.

They are measured and filled through working in the straight line, but the qualities themselves exist above the desire to enjoy. And when we achieve the desire to bestow, which clothes inside the desire to enjoy via a screen, we remain in the straight line but nonetheless make ourselves similar to the “circle.”

The circle is the Creator quality, while the straight line is the creature’s quality. But since we work in the straight line with faith above reason and wish to be similar to the circle, we fill the circles. The Creator as if abandoned this place and gave us the freedom to act. And we don’t return Him to this place with our demand; instead, we begin to work in there as He did when He was there. This means we fulfill the circular sphere through the straight line.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/11, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. Please keep in mind that unresolved contradictions will evoke feelings of an Orwellian system which is to be avoided at all costs.

    Contradictions are resolved by either reducing the system, one OR the other, line or circle, or by achknowledging that there is a third element that contains both line and circle. This is ein Sof, realizing that there is more than meets the eye. This humility begets growth as it keeps us open minded.

  2. I agree, faith above reason gets us past pushing up against each other and the problems.

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