Is London Everywhere? No, It Is Babylon!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn The News: “Hamburg. Police in this northern German city said Sunday they used water cannon to disperse rampaging youths who set garbage bins ablaze and tried to break into a bank after an annual street party.

“A Hamburg police spokeswoman said officers turned water jets on vandals late Saturday and early Sunday after they were attacked with bottles, rocks and fireworks…

“The violence came at the end of the Schanzenfest, an annual street festival in a traditional hotbed of leftist activism in Germany’s wealthiest city that has undergone rapid gentrification in the last decade…

“Police mobilized 2,100 officers, many brought in from other regions, to keep the peace after recurrent problems linked to the event.

“The photos show not a single banner, but the participants left inscriptions on the walls of the buildings that remind of the recent riots in the UK and sound like “London is everywhere.”

My Comment: As the world has become global, integral connection that appears between us is manifested in our egoism in its characteristic forms of violence and unrest.

This trend will grow because the world is becoming more interconnected with each passing day; we are back to “Babylon” when we were one small humanity in one place, but today, under the influence of the Upper force of nature, the Creator, we instinctively desire to unite around the Earth, the globe, globally, by all means of connection, integrally.

And if we do not correct our nature, we will blow up the Earth. We have no choice but to do what Abraham suggested to the Babylonians during his time—to rise above the egoism that emerged in them, towards mutual guarantee, to love towards the other as to oneself.

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