A Beautiful Woman, A Beautiful House, And Beautiful Vessels

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe sages said: “Three reasons enhance man’s wisdom: a beautiful woman, a beautiful house, and beautiful vessels.” The “beautiful woman” is Malchut, who becomes so beautiful because I want to enter Shechina, the gathering of all souls, and connect with all others who seek to bestow.

The souls of the great Kabbalists of all times and generations, who have transformed themselves, and all who strive for correction are already there. Those like me are regarded as my friends, and those who are following me on the spiritual ladder and get help from me are called my disciples. Together, we want to belong in one common soul, Shechina, regarded as a “beautiful woman.”

A “beautiful house” and “beautiful vessels” are specific to the person who wants to correct his heart, all his desires; they     are Shechina’s particular organs. Every day, he connects with her to see what else he can deposit there because each particle is added onto the collective account.

So we advance, step by step, and above all, we must remain sensitive. Every day we are given new opportunities to approach bestowal, but not the “fuel,” awakening, which is done so that I would bring it out on my own. Otherwise, I would act like a puppet which turns around pulled by strings, that is, purely by instinct, like an animal.

But I was given free will to choose—the realization that I do not feel inspired and must nevertheless get up, without any desire to do so, and start the day, overcoming the heavy feeling: physical and emotional, confusion of the mind and other disturbances, unpleasant states, thoughts against bestowal and external problems. And I must give thanks for all these obstacles as for new states, over which I now need to choose my attitude towards Shechina, Malchut of the world of Atzilut that unifies all of the souls.

There, inside it, I want to live connected with everyone together and see the corrected humanity. And I want every day to be as new for me; that is, I want to carry over, yet again, every property so that each drop will be deposited in the joint, large account. And thus we ascend.

If a person works in this manner and seeks in all his personal states to come from “beautiful vessels” (desires) to a “beautiful house,”corrected heart, and reunite with the “beautiful woman,” Malchut of the world of Atzilut, then he combines all these three conditions and receives the upper mind. That is, he rises above his corrupt desire to receive pleasure—with the intent to bestow.

The holy Shechina is our intentions that we can transform above our broken desires.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/2011, Shamati #9

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