From Vertical Power To Round Table

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I think power should come not from the government but from the people who lead the government to correct decisions.

Answer: It is more natural for the wisdom of Kabbalah and for the new world. In fact, we are transitioning from egoistic relationships to the “round,” global system. The world has become interconnected in all its parts and is taking an altruistic form thereby. This leads to the abolishment of political power, and that is why they no longer know how to run the country or lead the people. This is because their government is a line that extends from the top down, vertical power, backed by military force and money.

But the old order is disappearing, and people are starting to suddenly going out into the streets with various demands. They are pushed by nature: People’s desires are unified in “circles,” and today they are getting stronger, more tangible, and more pronounced. We will see these signs all over the world.

This is the natural course of things, and nothing can be done about it. The people will demand a new order without even knowing what it is. Riots will ignite. Governments ruling by force and by money will fall, while the people will rise to meet the changes. We are headed for this time.

There is only one solution: mutual guarantee. People still have to “take power.” But how will they do it? How will they avoid the mistakes of the previous government and find a new way? We need to unite to meet the “round,” global, and integral world. The method of unification is in the hands of the Kabbalists, and we must hurry to avoid the problems and sufferings that are possible in this way.

For example, if Europe already knew and understood how to unite, and took an appropriate action, it would retain itself. But instead, the European Union is moving toward collapse.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/19/2011, “One Law”
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  1. Yes Kabbalah is the only solution people must take this route instead of the previous course set by history what good is it for the slave to become like the master.

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