Remaining In Spirituality Forever

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo remain in spirituality forever means to agree that your ego will never be fulfilled. Presently we are at the very beginning of the spiritual path, and our desires to enjoy no longer find fulfillment. They will continue to empty more and more, until it becomes perfectly clear to us that we must rise above them.

We have no other choice. The entire preceding approach has exhausted itself; this whole game that was set in motion from Above to grow in us the desires of this world is over. We will now need to work on other types of desires. And we will soon see this phenomenon on the global scale.

We will feel a lack in everything in our egoistic desires: security, confidence, vitality, and hope for the future. At the same time, an opportunity will arise to connect to the Creator and to ask to adhere to Him.

And you turn to Him not in order to hide from the sensation of lack and emptiness since in that case, you would simply substitute a smaller fulfillment for a bigger one. Who wouldn’t want that? This is what usually happens when some blow befalls a person, and he immediately remembers the Creator and begins to pray.

Normally your animal body does not allow you to think about Him, but when it’s scared, it deploys you to the Creator for help. And you (the human in you) aspire to the Creator because your animal pushes you to Him. It is as if it says to you that it has nothing to eat and sends you to the Creator to ask for food. And you, the human, go and ask for your animal. This is how we live….

But if you, the human, aspire to the upper, not because you feel a lack in your regular fulfillment, but because you’ve begun to feel the importance of bestowal that the environment supplies you with, then you develop the spiritual desires over your empty personal desires. If you do it not because you want to fulfill yourself or profit in some way, that means you have achieved an inner revolution whereupon you begin to care for your spiritual vessel.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/2011, Shamati #53

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  1. What do you actually mean when you say ‘the preceding development is over’?
    Will there still be money being made, businesses opening up?

  2. This article mean a lot to me because, you guide me to grow my spiritual inner being. Thanks for the discussions you imparted with us.

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