Above The Waves

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn the spiritual path the alternation of emptiness and fulfillment is inevitable. Otherwise creation would remain without any sensation.

However, I go through these cycles purposefully. They all bring me closer to the final state where I am included in absolute goodness.

At the end of the path I will attain that goodness, but until then in my sensations I have to go through completely opposite states. Sometimes I feel good and sometimes bad. So what should I do? Could the Creator really be rocking this pendulum, wishing to constantly throw me into heat and then cold?

No. He wants me to rise above my sensations, both the bad and the good, so I won’t depend on them. The states of my earthly, material life, the suffering or joy of my “flesh,” meaning my desires, have to be goal oriented. If I hold on to the goal, then it doesn’t matter whether I feel good or bad. The aim at the goal is always good.

This is absolute goodness. I don’t wait for the finish line to come, but continuously ascend to it, holding myself up with faith above knowledge. Then good and evil are beneficial and I am completely independent of the states that roll over me.

We don’t have to come to this at the end of the path, but initially. It’s the same as how a child goes to school every day. However, unlike the child, we ascend to the place where we can see the goal and understand that this is beneficial to us. Nothing is accidental, nature is absolute and everything in it is intended to lead the parts of creation to the final goal.

If we connect ourselves to the goal, then even when the worst possible things come our way, we won’t perceive them as evil. There is nothing bad. The next moment this sensation gets replaced with a good sensation, but then we also don’t want to be immersed in the good sensation over our heads. We want to enjoy and be happy because we keep going toward the goal – above all the bad and good things in equal measure. This is the right upbringing.

Humanity will not be able to move forward unless it receives an explanation of the common picture: We go through a specific process, and no matter what happens we have to hold on to the goal. In that case, all the waves will come at us in peace and everything will be there to help us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/11 on Global Education

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    Ideally, we can build wave power generators (:

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