Tune Yourself To The Delicate Frequency Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I will be arriving at the Convention, just like many other people. I want to focus on penetrating inside the internal network of our interconnection. Are there any rules that I should constantly adhere to in my thoughts and internal attitude in order to enter this network?

Answer: The key is to make an effort to feel the internal state that reigns among us all. Make this effort! This depends on the sensitivity of the soul.

It is written in the book Faith and Trust (by Hazon Ish, A. Karelitz): “Faith is a subtle inclination of a delicate soul.” All of these are such ethereal definitions that none of them has a solid corporeal meaning. But in our case, it can be explained.

Everything depends on how much I try, to the best of my ability, without disrupting anything with my own qualities, to enter the common sensation of people who unite together, wishing to feel their internal unity, the state between them. The Creator said: “I dwell among My people.” Inside our unity, I wish to find the Shechina, the Creator is concealed there, since He resides within the good connection between us, meaning in the group that wants to unite.

Even though my friends cannot clearly feel this yet and don’t quite understand why and for what sake they are doing it, they simply follow Kabbalists’ advice, nevertheless through their effort, every person can enter and start feeling the Creator who dwells within “His people.” There, within, resides the state (the spiritual place) called the “Shechina,” which is our yearning for each other. This is the place that the Creator fills, “Kadosh Baruch Hu” (the Holy One, who is Blessed by me, since holiness is the property of Bina, total bestowal that I bless).

Shechina is all the desires that aspire toward each other and reside in the grid of their interconnection, and the Creator is the upper Light fulfilling them. This network desires to bestow, and in their bestowal, the Light of Hassadim, it finds the Light of Hochma, the Upper Light, the Creator.

If a person strives to feel this condition, to experience it, and live in it, he can reveal it regardless of anyone in the world. This is the work that we must try to complete, especially at the conventions, since that is the time to unify with the internal state of the exalted oneness between us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/11, Preparation to the WE! Convention

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Luminous Garments Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanBetween the Creator and the created being, the Light and the vessel, desire to bestow and desire to receive pleasure, there is the law of equivalence of properties, form. Only if there is similarity between them can the created being feel the Creator, approach, and touch Him.

But what can be done if the creature is created as opposite to the Creator? Indeed, the matter of creation is the will to receive pleasure. But this desire can cover itself with “garments,” “intention,” it receives from Above and work with this matter “for the sake of bestowal.” Then, it will fit the Light precisely.

The desire to enjoy contains 613 individual desires within, and we must reform all of them so that instead of a simple desire to receive pleasure we would prefer to enjoy only bestowal, as does the Creator, the Light. Such transformation of every desire, adding the garment “to bestow” to it, is regarded as carrying out a Mitzva (commandment). That is, reforming 613 desires, we perform 613 Mitzvot.

It is possible to correct desire solely by the force of the Light that created it. If we yearn for bestowal, we are brought to a Kabbalistic group where we can actualize it. And there, we discover that we are unable to bestow and are totally against unification. That is, we are shown our true substance: the desire to receive pleasure.

In this case, by studying together we can find the Light that Reforms called the “inner Light of the Torah.” The external part of the Torah is the original Kabbalistic texts where this Light is revealed. And thanks to my desire to be reformed, while reading these texts together, we draw the Light to ourselves.

The Light reveals to us even greater evil so that we’ll have an even stronger desire to get rid of it, discover that we can’t do it on our own, and wish to unify with the Light. Thus we double our desire for the Light. First, we ask the Light to reform us to bestowal. And afterwards, we ask to use this bestowal to cling to the Light, to reach the embrace, adhesion, which was the initial purpose of creation.

A person who desires such correction is regarded as “Israel” from the words “straight to the Creator” (YasharEl). If he studies in the group and yearns to unite with the others, he receives a force from the Light that unifies and reforms them. This force is regarded as the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). It fills the space between them, and instead of hate, they start feeling unity and love, while within this unity they feel the Light itself, that is, experience the Creator.

Thus, the desire to enjoy acquires the “garments” of bestowal and discovers its Creator therein. In other words, we need to ensure that we get the “garments” for our soul! There are many such garments, the 125 rungs of our inner unification. One hundred twenty five times I need to uncover hate, followed by unity, followed by hate, followed by unity, thereby constantly increasing my receptivity.

Thereby we correct ourselves, receiving more “luminous” garments for the soul, up to the last correction. And the Light, which gets dressed in us, also becomes more exalted and brighter in hue.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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A Time Of Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanNow is a time of serious economic processes taking place. The crisis is rising up again in a new wave and this requires the world’s elite circles to make decisions they are not ready to make. That’s because everyone will have to make the shift to limited consumption.

The consumer society is over! The Earth does not have the resources to support unrestrained development. The golden billion cannot offer its way of life and its ideals to the other six billion. And by that it evokes intense hatred toward itself as well as the desire of others to rob it.

Nature does not have the energy reserves for us to keep increasing consumption and among other things, that means we gradually have to give up nuclear energy. We unwillingly have to start becoming a society of “intelligent” consumption, meaning consume to the degree of necessity, where necessity means “sufficient for existence” in the modern conditions.

The modern political and economic elite have justified and legitimized their power by promising people increasingly higher levels of consumption. This is exactly the reason why they cannot change the direction from ever increasing consumption to “intelligent consumption.”

Any decision said out loud will inevitably cause a drastic conflict in society and most importantly, distrust of the elite because in the any case society will understand that people’s income will no longer increase, that there are very difficult times ahead for us, and this will last a long time. Moreover, the consequences of this pressure in society are unpredictable….

A new ideology of development has to come forth, and it won’t be in the direction of consumption anymore. A new political elite has to be raised to suit the new ideology, and that elite will be able to change the system. Yet, the elite of the past won’t disappear. It will fight back. That is why it is necessary to provide a wide explanation of the objective laws that are being revealed to us, of nature’s limited resources, and the integral society. This will create wide ranging social support and a critical mass of interested people.

It is necessary to develop a wide social discussion about the objective need to replace the consumer society’s egoistic development with global, integral development that is in balance with nature, meaning one in which society consumes from nature to the degree that provide every person with the necessary and deserving existence. An intense the social discussion will enable a quick emergence of a large group of people who will gradually discern how to build society upon the new principles.

This will give rise to a new understanding of the methods to manage business and government, how to unite the ideological scheme with the governmental scheme, as well as to develop the concepts of the new governance and the ways of transitioning to it.

Closing comment: The “simplest” method of restricted consumption can be exemplified through a prohibition on advertising, which is “the engine of trade.” It is necessary to gradually prohibit advertising that compels people to buy an enormous amount of products that they don’t need at all, with the exception of the products that society determines to be necessary.

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A Baby Who Woke Up All Upper Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have a very strong desire to advance and reach bestowal, but I am totally confused. Where should I turn: within, to the group, or to the Creator?

Answer: A person doesn’t know what the true prayer is. For the time being, he simply feels pressure and doesn’t comprehend what is happening with him and where to turn. Only after a long time, when he reaches contact with the Creator through the friends, does he begin to visualize his appeal, the prayer, correctly.

But for now, it is simply an outcry from the heart. And don’t dread it too much that you are all tangled up and don’t understand; after all, you don’t really know what is going on within you. For now, you register only external changes and corporeal experiences in this outer shell that you are in. But inside, your soul looks like a “matryoshka” (a Russian nesting doll), and each of us contains 125 such internal nesting parts.

At present, you perceive only the very outermost “matryoshka” (shell) which doesn’t yet have anything to do with the 125 ones. But the rest of your inner “matryoshkas” are affecting you as well. And even though right now you feel that you are performing some puny actions (since you don’t feel their results), but by using them, you activate the parts of your internal soul.

Therefore, we need to treat seriously everything we do even when we just seem to sing and have a good time with the friends, and we think that this is something silly. But thereby, you set the whole worlds in motion, like an embryo inside his mother, who determines her entire existence without having any idea of it, or as a newborn baby who doesn’t understand why a dozen of people are suddenly working for him.

So it is with us, while we still don’t understand anything about spirituality. But the moment we at least somewhat start yearning for it, we immediately activate all our inner spiritual systems and all upper worlds!

And so it follows that you are still far from seeing and being able to understand the impact you cause and what you are doing, but it doesn’t matter. The key is to keep doing whatever you are able to do today.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Like A Rabbit Chasing A Carrot

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can I motivate myself to unite with the friends by means of fear of suffering that will come in the future?

Answer: Suffering doesn’t affect the point in the heart! It affects my egoistic desire, my “donkey”! But it does not affect the human in me, my point in the heart. A person can only advance spirituality by moving forward out of his own free will.

Therefore, if I don’t develop the inner aspiration to move forward, meaning that I want to build the storage place for the upper Light with the help of the group, then I evolve as a mere animal that is being “kicked,” through suffering. These strikes make me contemplate: Why are they coming down on me, what did I do to deserve them, and why? Then I will probably start linking my point in the heart with the others.

Question: But how do I scare the human in me so I would get it to advance?

Answer: If you suddenly heard on the radio that our country is about to be covered by a radioactive cloud, your “animal” would start shaking at such tragic news. And you can receive a similar from the group.

However, we do not speak about what will happen to us because we do not advance by way of fear. We wish to move ahead by becoming conscious of the importance of the spiritual goal. The importance of the goal is quite virtual, intangible, and depends on how we depict it within. If we keep envisioning the goal as increasingly more exalted, then we will advance in accordance with that.

In other words, I am like a rabbit that runs after a carrot that is held in front of it on a string. Moreover, a human in me holds both the carrot and the string, while my “animal” is chasing it.
From the lesson on Writings of Rabash on 3/18/2011

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How Much More Hate Do We Need To Reveal?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How much more hate must be revealed between the friends so that we may reach a real plea for correction?

Answer: The first Reshimo (informational gene) of the breaking that repels me from others must completely unfold in me. It rises to such a degree that I don’t just despise and ignore them, but in fact, I want them to suffer, separate from everybody, and think that I am better off on my own, studying at home and having no connection with others.

People even dare to come to me and ask for private lessons. A person doesn’t understand that the entire actualization of the spiritual method occurs in the group. And after this internal battle and rejection, disillusionment and despair, in time a person suddenly gets to see his internal connection with the friends. It’s as if he stops noticing their corporeal faces and bodies at all. He begins to get into them internally and feel everybody’s inner desire for spirituality, even such as the people themselves don’t feel within. But he is able to practically touch their souls.

And that’s when one can say that he came close to unification with the friends. But at this point, he discovers how unable he is to unite with them and that he needs the help of the upper force. He wishes to find this force inside this bond so that it will connect him, and thus, he achieves the realization. It’s the step by step work of one’s attainment of self, the increasingly deeper states.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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