You Cannot Reveal The Zohar On Your Own

There Are No Idols in Kabbalah In The Zohar, we read about all types of qualities and desires that exist within every one of us, as well as the states they go through. Together, we must exert the effort to try to recognize them within us.

It is not effective for every person, individually, to try and reveal these qualities and desires. Rather, we should all strive to reveal them within our common vessel of the soul (Kli) as if these desires, such as the Pharaoh, Moses, and others do not exist within oneself. A person doesn’t know who they are or what they symbolize. He cannot recognize these qualities, see the connection between them, or appraise their level. He only hears the sounds and the words. He must try to view them as a collective structure and as the ten common Sefirot of our soul.

Indeed, the authors of The Book of Zohar were ten friends who had united together into one whole vessel and attained the correction of all the degrees. In this same way, we must imagine our own state.

Of course, every person has their own personal sense with which to feel the spiritual world for everyone is comprised of the ten Sefirot. However, our work will not be complete unless we connect the common vessel of the soul, which also is comprised of the ten Sefirot, into the complete HaVaYaH.

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