Are You Asking Yourself The Right Question During Zohar Study?

clip_image001[4]A question I received: While reading The Book of Zohar, I try to imagine what I am reading within my own desire, but this makes me disconnect from the text and submerge into my internal stresses. I then realize that I have lost focus and it is as if I am floating away, not understanding anything. What should I do?

My Answer: The most important thing is whether those “inner journeys” are supported by the question: When will salvation arrive, brought to us by the Light that Reforms ?

It doesn’t matter how a person imagines what’s written in The Zohar or how he goes about his inner search. The most important thing is that in the background of his thoughts and efforts, he continues to wait for the Light to come. He waits for it to change him and to reveal the contents of The Book of Zohar – the sensation of the Upper World and the property of bestowal.

What matters most is: Does a person feel that his heart wants to move in this direction? If he does, then his thoughts, confusion, and reminiscences about himself, as well as the fact that he doesn’t listen to the reader, become unimportant. Underneath it all, he is bothered only by one thought: “When will the help from Above come to me?”

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  1. Dear Rav:

    I learned that in order to get the energy of ZOHAR, and SERIOU KABALISTIC TEXTS LIKE TES< KETVI ARI, one must read the text or listen to the reading 10 times. One does not get much energy by reading or listening once. I call it the rule of 10 as there are 10 sefirot.

    Q) is this correct?

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