The Perturbing Language Of Partzufim And Sefirot

evilworld When I explain The Zohar, I often draw formulas and graphs, and some people may want a more sensory explanation. Yet, when I look at these graphs, they represent feelings to me, such as Bina, Malchut, Yesod or Joseph in the middle, Jacob or Tifferet, Abraham, Isaak, and so on. These are incredibly powerful forces – a whole world with a multitude of details! You simply don’t understand it yet.

It’s similar to how a musician looks at some lines and circles drawn on a piece of paper and hears music, or how a doctor looks at an x-ray and is horrified by the malignant picture that he sees. Meanwhile, we don’t react to the same pictures in any way because we don’t know how to interpret this language. However, gradually, as we study, we come closer to feeling the spiritual world.

Baal HaSulam added an explanation to the original text of The Zohar using the language of Kabbalah. He explains it in terms of Partzufim and Sefirot, and gradually we will begin to feel that this is saying the same thing as The Zohar’s original text. We will begin to understand this language since we will become “specialists” in it, like musicians or doctors who understand their language. The language of Kabbalah will enable us to feel a clear sensation, and then we will be impressed by what we read.

For example, take the sentence, “And Joseph passed through the whole country of Egypt.” Do you know how much feeling is contained in this sentence? It should move you to tears! We have to learn to feel how the desire to bestow drowns in the desire to receive when it tunes into it, and how they work together, and so on. Eventually every word of The Zohar will resonate within you and cause great shifts inside.

We only need to expect for this to happen inside us.

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